As England and Wales's only not-for-profit water company, the organisation can put every penny back into protecting the environment and exceeding customers’ expectations.   

Providing a hassle-free experience around service appointments is one way that Welsh Water is putting customers first and driving down unnecessary costs.  

Challenge: Contact Centre Chase Calls 

Whether the customer is experiencing a leak, or has simply requested a meter, it’s important to provide a seamless experience on the day of service.  

It’s not always possible to provide a narrow ETA in advance. This meant that anxious customers would often call the contact centre to find out when their operative would arrive. Schedulers would be tasked with calling customers before and after a job to provide updates and collect feedback.  

Welsh Water saw this as an opportunity to improve customer experience and increase efficiency. The company opted for the Descartes Customer Engagement PlatformTM to automate communications.  

Feedback from customers has strongly indicated that they appreciate these digital appointment updates. Since the introduction of technician tracking, “Where’s my technician?” query calls for wastewater appointments have decreased by 50 percent.  

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Welsh Water

Solution: Customer Notifications, ETA tracking and Post-Appointment Feedback

Descartes technology keeps Welsh Water customers informed when their operative is on the way - with the added benefit of reducing customer calls to the support centre.  

When viewing their next job, the technician can send a one-click “On My Way” notification to the customer. The customer receives the notification as an SMS containing a 15-minute arrival window and a link to the web-based customer portal.  

The portal includes a countdown ETA and a live map tracking the technician’s arrival to the property, so customers can be ready and waiting for their appointment. The customer can view these details in their web browser, so there’s no need to download an app.  


Customer Engagement

Transform Your Customer Experience While Lowering Operational Costs

Customers are also given the option to send a message to the technician. This allows them to share useful information such as entry instructions to speed up access to the property. When the operative is arriving, the customer receives another SMS so that they can be ready to implement social distancing measures.  

Once the job is completed, the customer receives an SMS linking to the web portal, where they can provide feedback and choose whether they would like a follow-up phone call.  

The Results

Customer Satisfaction  

Feedback from customers has strongly indicated that they appreciate digital appointment updates.   

Reduced Inbound Calls 

Since the introduction of technician tracking, “Where’s my technician?” query calls for wastewater appointments have decreased by 50 percent.  

Reduced Outbound Calls

83 per cent of customers who provide feedback use the opportunity to opt-out of “close the loop” calls. This saves customers time and allows staff to focus resources where they are needed.  


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The lessons learned from delivery innovators across retail and distribution industries around the globe are that technology and a willingness to break from traditional logistics thinking are what separate their performance from the rest of the pack. 

About Welsh Water

Welsh Water (Dŵr Cymru) provides clean and wastewater services to three million people across Wales and Herefordshire.   

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