In today's world of global, multi-tiered supply chains, it can be a challenge determining who the end buyer really is. In the case of certain high-tech products, or items for military use, regulators demand that companies maintain the highest possible degree of vigilance. But complying with the rules is getting tougher all the time. These days, there are hundreds of lists containing the identities of denied parties. What's more, companies can be punished for selling to suspicious buyers that aren't on any list. They can even be in violation of the law for disclosing the wrong information in a speech. On this episode, Ken Harris, head of denied-party screening with Descartes, talks about what companies must do to ensure that their products or sensitive information aren't going astray. The potential fines and penalties, both civil and criminal, make it essential that exporters demonstrate an extraordinary level of care.

Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.