I recently returned from eBay Open 2018, held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The event is geared as a strategic window to eBay technology, best practices, and methods to streamline ecommerce shipping, while also showcasing how the company and its vendors are continually evolving.

eBay CEO Devin Wenig introduced the event during a conversational keynote launch session, addressing how sellers can deploy winning strategies for building and growing a successful business. With over 2,000 sellers at the conference, the energy and enthusiasm were high. It is interesting to note that many of attendees are newer sellers. In this environment, it’s critical to be innovative and nimble.

What also struck me about eBay Open 2018 is the energy, the sense of eBay as a community, and the requirement to continually evolve. The swirling balloons in the expo hall, for example, underscored how the mix of eBay sellers, buyers and technology vendors, are interconnected in the eBay community.

Throughout the eBay Open conference, reoccurring topics were shipping, rates, and streamlining processes. Workshops such as ‘Seller Panel: Collect, Collect and Sell’; and ‘Shipping: Your Secret Competitive Advantage’, addressed the continued need to achieve excellence in these areas to drive-up revenue.

Take rate shopping for example. To get ahead, sellers need a single solution that allows them to simplify and automate rate selection. A best practice would be to have a single solution that allows access to all shipping options, carrier rates, and marketplaces, including eBay.

Market leaders know that meeting customer shipping expectations is essential to providing a positive shopping experience. Utilizing rate shopping and broadening shipping offerings can also provide a competitive advantage by increasing customer reach, driving sales conversion, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Descartes ShipRush, Ecommerce Shipping and Order Consolidation

eBay Open provided a perfect venue to highlight ShipRush, an eBay certified solution, that helps small-to-medium ecommerce businesses ship smarter. While providing the same great postage rates as within eBay, ShipRush provides a fantastic general-purpose shipping system that allows sellers to easily compare rates, bulk print labels, and quickly locate orders and track shipments– all from a single dashboard.

[Video] Wizard Distribution Greets Ecommerce Growth with Descartes ShipRush

ShipRush for eBay can also help to:

Boost operational productivity with automated business rules

  • Streamline processes by managing multiple eBay and other accounts from one consolidated dashboard
  • Further drive down costs by leveraging cubic pricing options for higher shipment volumes
  • Tap the profit potential of drop shipments with the ability to print remotely
  • Automatically import orders from a range of carts and systems including eBay and much more
  • Print shipping labels in bulk for FedEx UPS, USPS, and other major U.S. and global carriers
  • Compare carrier rates and delivery times side-by-side in real-time
  • Rapidly onboard with no IT bandwidth required for deployment
  • Manage orders on-the-go from most any mobile-enabled device

The three-day eBay Open event provided an opportunity to learn and grow, make meaningful connections, and get inspired and informed. We encourage attendees, and eligible eBay merchants to get started now.

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