Shipping Software for Small Business Accelerates Fulfillment

Over three generations, Lancaster, PA-based McCombs Supply went from being a small ‘Mom and Pop' business pioneering in the new, growing TV market, to a successful online retailer selling appliance parts to contractors, service technicians, housing developers, large institutions and the do-it-yourself consumers. In the early 2000s, McCombs knew ecommerce was the next big step in its success, but when inefficient manual process for order shipping and fulfilment meant the company could no longer keep up with online demand, McCombs looked to technology for a solution.

McCombs is now using the cloud-based Descartes ShipRush solution for multi-carrier parcel shipping. With Descartes ShipRush, McCombs Supply has grown ecommerce shipping volumes by 600% and reduced order fulfilment times by 30%. Where McCombs used to ship a few hundred packages-per-day, the company is now shipping 30,000+ per month and over 300,000 per year—and 95 percent of these shipments are through the Descartes ShipRush solution. McCombs also went from shipping 150 packages a day to 150 an hour.

Why Descartes ShipRush for Parcel Shipping?

Without a comprehensive omnichannel strategy that includes advanced parcel shipping capabilities, ecommerce retailers and SMBs alike can be left with escalating costs and poor delivery execution that can impact customer satisfaction. Descartes ShipRush solutions help address this problem with cloud-based tools to integrate with front-end commerce systems and parcel shipping providers for seamless package rating, labelling, tracking and postage processing. With Descartes ShipRush solutions in addition to Descartes OzLink application integration solutions Descartes pixi* warehouse management solutions, omnichannel retail and SMB customers have a broad set of technologies to streamline ecommerce, warehouse and shipping processes.

Shipping Software Reduces Transportation Costs   

Descartes ShipRush is a cloud-based, multi-carrier parcel shipping platform that helps small-to-medium ecommerce businesses (SMB) and omnichannel retailers rate shop packages and print parcel shipping labels for delivery to customers. Integrated with over 60 business systems, including leading enterprise resource planning (ERP), ecommerce and supply chain platforms, the shipping software for small business helps companies to streamline order processing and reduce transportation costs. Descartes ShipRush automatically imports orders, compares carrier rates, prints shipping labels for major parcel carriers, and uploads tracking information to the relevant ecommerce or business application.

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