Amedis-UE AG, with over 110 years of experience in the Swiss pharmaceutical wholesale industry, has implemented Descartes STEPcom's B2B messaging solution to digitally process the information flow of its strategically important business partners and suppliers in the pharmaceutical sector. Through the fully automated exchange of business documents, Amedis-UE AG saves resources in the processing of incoming goods and offers a standardized interface to its suppliers and business partners. This means efficient and error-free processing in favor of lower process costs.

“Amedis processes several hundred pallets of goods per week. For this it is necessary to handle the processes quickly and error-free. The installed interface helps Amedis to check the batch information, expiration date and delivery note number, which are sent directly by the supplier and displayed as a template. In addition to the process efficiency, this is another security mechanism that prevents incorrect entries.”

Management of Amedis-UE AG

Challenge: Optimizing the processing of incoming goods and minimizing errors through the strategic use of EDI

Providing an exemplary and cooperative service to market players within the pharmaceutical industry is a key objective of Amedis-UE. Until recently, the goods receipt process was handled manually, which required a considerable effort. Amedis-UE AG's strategic goal was to significantly increase the efficiency of the corresponding processes and to avoid media disruption within the information flow.

Amedis-UE AG was looking for an EDI solution that would allow suppliers' and manufacturers' systems to communicate directly with the company's own in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, without having to worry about different delivery note formats or communication protocols. By working with an EDI service partner, Amedis-UE AG wanted to ensure that current and future business partners could be connected quickly and with minimal effort.

Solution: EDI B2B Messaging & EDI Service Center

Descartes STEPcom B2B Messaging provided a cost-effective EDI solution for handling incoming delivery information from strategic business partners, suppliers and manufacturers via the EDI Service Center. The various documents are transmitted to Amedis-UE AG through a single interface via Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™).

The range of different formats used by the various national/international suppliers and manufacturers is wide. The Descartes STEPcom solution can receive these different incoming messages and convert them all into a unified message format that Amedis-UE AG can visualize and process in its own ERP system.

Within Descartes STEPcom solution, Amedis-UE AG also has access to STEPview, a message control system that allows the company to transparently review and monitor all incoming data flows from its various business partners.

Descartes' scalable EDI solution, coupled with extensive experience in onboarding and enabling trading partners, enables companies to quickly benefit from improved operational performance, reduced costs and greater agility to better satisfy their business partners. It provides Amedis-UE AG with the ability to easily extend EDI communications to more messages or additional business partners as the company continues to grow.


Increased level of service to suppliers and manufacturers thanks to scalable solution: Amedis-UE AG can receive/send all business documents in the procurement process globally in a standardized manner and maintains its position as an innovative market player.

Less CO2: Thanks to fully automated processing, it requires massively less paper documents and is environmentally friendly.

No media interruptions: Documents related to the flow of goods are no longer processed manually via email/other channels. Information is automatically displayed in the system, more accurate, complete and fast.

Better control: All documents related to the various goods receipts are immediately displayed in the system, ready for follow-up actions. Visibility has been improved as the data is now more structured and available with all relevant details.

Success Story
Amedis-UE AG


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