Value chain processes outside of an organization are typically manual and difficult to automate. Many business applications are primarily focused on internal processes and do not fully automate business interactions outside of an enterprise. Descartes B2B™ EZE Collaboration can enable seamless coordination between diverse trading partners, databases, and systems; agnostic to software or hardware. Our approach to connectivity is holistic and includes:

  • Access Portal – A secure, intuitive end user interface that supports role-based user management, data and transaction monitoring, tracking, exception management, reporting and more
  • Integration Hub – A gateway for integration with a suite of tools to manage inbound and outbound data
  • Business Process Manager – Enables management of transactions based on the unique rules and workflows specific to a company
  • Trading Partner Manager – Provides a rich set of tools for the management of members within a company’s trading network

Select solutions include:

Descartes B2B Purchase-to-Pay™ enables companies to automate order processes with suppliers of all sizes and at every level of technical sophistication regardless of message types, format or business process differences. From strategic procurement to settlement, Descartes B2B Purchase to Pay can execute and manage virtually every step of the buying process, minimize reliance on manual and paper-based procedures, drive down transaction costs, enhance data quality, improve vendor relationships, support advanced supply chain collaboration and more.

Descartes B2B Order-to-Cash™ helps to enable compliance with customers across the purchase order to invoice process. The solution can speed overall order to cash procedures, reduce outstanding payments, minimize transaction costs, improve customer retention, boost sales volume, minimize errors and reduce unnecessary delays.

With the Descartes B2B Collaboration EZE solution, businesses can:

  • Minimize labor costs through automation
  • Reduce inventory with enhanced planning, collaboration and visibility
  • Enable proactive customer service through exception management
  • Standardize global procurement processes
  • Enhance data quality
  • On-board trading partners more rapidly with repeatable and re-usable connections
  • Enable customer and supplier discounts
  • Enhance compliance, minimize charge-backs, returns and fees

Descartes B2B EZE Collaboration