Enabling Better Customs Compliance, Productivity and Communication

As customs compliance requirements grow in terms of volume of filings and complexity, importers and exporters are seeking more effective ways to manage and audit, assess and report on shipment data, classifications and other key compliance elements. Since importer/exporters are ultimately responsible and potentially subject to heavy penalties and fines for any errors uncovered in information submitted to customs agencies, an integral part of compliance is having resources in place to effectively monitor broker activities, verify accuracy and identify commercial violation.

Descartes Editrade™ Compliance is an on-demand compliance solution that enables members of the importer community to ensure compliance with U.S. Customs filing and auditing requirements. Descartes Editrade Compliance users can accurately and effectively perform required audits, correct information, maintain a history of modifications and ensure data integrity. At the same time, it provides an ideal migration path for transitioning to and achieving ISA (Importer Self Assessment) status.

A highly sophisticated reporting engine for managing and sharing product data and classifications, party data and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) as well as other key compliance data, Descartes Editrade Compliance offers a single screen dashboard for viewing statistical data, identifying errors and stakeholder performance. Importer/Exporters can electronically view and compare six key document sets [Purchase Orders, Commercial Invoices, Entries/Export Filings, Warehouse Receipts, Accounts Payables and the Importer Security Filing (ISF)-10] – received from stakeholders across the supply chain – against internal product and vendor databases to satisfy customs compliance. They can also make, track and store changes to maintain accuracy and ensure consistency in customs filings.


  • Web-based, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application enables faster time-to-implementation and eliminates integration complexity
  • Ready access to the most up-to-date rulings ensures customs compliance requirements are consistently met
  • Can proactively monitor, audit and manage filings prepared by brokers
  • Maintain a complete audit trail and filings history for all document processes
  • Streamlined HTS (harmonized tariff schedule) classification
  • Ensure audit compliance with C-TPAT (Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • Determine if service level agreements are being met
  • Reduce shipment delays and related costs through reduced inspections, fines and filings errors due to misclassifications


  • Enables users to receive and audit six key document sets from various stakeholders across the supply chain (e.g. purchasing, vendors, brokers, warehousing, accounting, etc.) for more accurate matching in a single solution
  • Automated auditing of entry data
  • Single dashboard view of key data elements
  • Simplified submission management is backed by customizable and standard reporting and alert features
  • Integration with Descartes Editrade™ Customs Link Automated Broker Interface (ABI) for importer self-filers
  • Access to the C-TPAT denied party list and screening status helps reduce time required for vetting purchase orders
  • Simplified product and vendor management

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