Mobile Proof of Delivery (mPOD)
Eliminate paper, reduce back office costs and streamline operations

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Customer Success: Martins Atacadista
Learn how Martins Atacadista transformed fleet performance with real-time information.

Fleet Mobile Apps Drive Performance, Customer Engagement, Financial Processes & Machine Learning

Real-time, GPS-enabled mobile applications are at the heart of transformation of fleet performance.

Key Mobile Features


Capture signatures and delivery info with electronic proof of delivery.

  • Configurable workflows 
  • GPS-based real-time tracking 
  • Proof-of-delivery (POD) with signature and image capture 
  • Barcode scanning and validation 
  • Printing 
  • Automatic status updates (ASU) 
  • Navigation 
  • Break management 
  • Same-day dispatch 
  • Add new shipments and line items 


  • Scan to route  
  • Automated stop geofencing  
  • High volume package pickup and delivery 
  • Invoice manifest reconciliation and generation 
  • Driver performance and compliance dashboard 
  • Manager mobile visibility, performance, and exception management app 

Mobile data enables machine learning to enhance fleet performance.

Descartes' Innovative Mobile Solutions Help Drivers Do a Better Job and Give Managers Improved Visibility and Control of Fleet Operations

Descartes’ fleet mobile applications give drivers the tools they need to effectively execute their routes according to plan, address disruptions as they occur, and more efficiently capture proof-of-delivery information. The real-time, GPS-based data gives managers and dispatchers enhanced delivery visibility and allows interactions with drivers to address disruptions and issues as they occur or make changes to routes.  

— Nicholas Chesna, Fleet Assistant Manager at Richards Building Supply

"With the Descartes solution, we now have real-time visibility into deliveries as they are made—and proof of delivery when customers receive their orders."

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Fleet Mobile Apps FAQ

How do fleet mobile apps improve driver productivity?

Fleet mobile apps provide drivers with a route sequence and turn-by-turn navigation that minimizes the distance drivers take to execute a route which can allow drivers to make more deliveries per route.

How do fleet mobile apps improve customer service?

Fleet mobile apps provide vital delivery data that informs customers of the estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) and captures proof-of-delivery (POD) information such as GPS-tagged pictures and signatures that document a successful delivery or captures overs, shorts or damage. 

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