Descartes acquired e-Customs Limited in December 2014. e-Customs, a leading provider of electronic customs filing solutions in the UK provided cloud-based solutions for both traders and logistics service providers with a wide range of customs capabilities to cost-effectively comply with UK fiscal filing and security filing requirements.

Descartes e-Customs provides a comprehensive, Software as a Service (SaaS), solution for managing all customs declaration types; whether they are frontier import or export, supplementary import or export, Transit, EMCS or ICS declarations.

Descartes e-Customs Duty Management modules provide additional duty management tools to manage customs or excise warehousing or processing authorizations. 

Modules are also available for Agent functionality, ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility) and DEP (Designated Export Place) facilities at CCS UK Inventory Linked locations.

Descartes e-Customs is designed with both traders and forwarders in mind, from the SME to large multinational corporations, from manual input to fully interfaced capability.

Being cloud-based means we take care of maintenance and support; your IT support team can relax and concentrate on other priorities. No compatibility issues, desktop installations or version updates. If your network goes down or you cannot get into the office then Descartes e-Customs can be accessed from anywhere. 

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