Driver Management Software to Efficiently Managing Driver Performance and Increase Route Productivity

To win market share and remain profitable in a growing competitive environment, efficiently managing driver performance and customer service demands is paramount.

Here are 5 ways to help ensure you improve performance.

  1. Route productivity. Control and reduce transportation costs by maximizing the number of revenue-producing stops a driver makes and minimizing the nonrevenue producing time the driver spends (driving, obtaining directions, etc.). 
  2. Route efficiency is often obtained by clustering customer stops geographically (to reduce drive time) with little regard for customer convenience. The challenge for retailers is to achieve high levels of  customer service while maintaining route productivity and efficiency.
  3. Minimizing missed deliveries.  Missed deliveries are much more than a customer service problem. A missed delivery (customer no-show, wrong or damaged inventory, missed time window) wastes driver time and usually requires rescheduling a second trip. It may also involve unloading and reloading inventory. 
  4. Managing driver performance.  The best plans are only as effective as their execution. Best practices in delivery fleet management enable management to monitor, measure and ultimately manage driver compliance with the plan. 
  5. Efficient delivery and route planning. Streamlining the efforts required to plan and execute the delivery schedule can help yield efficiency improvements. This includes tasks such as: 
  • Scheduling delivery appointments 
  • Finding and validating customer locations 
  • Assigning delivery orders to drivers and vehicles 
  • Sequencing stops in accordance with delivery appointment commitments 
  • Providing driving directions from stop to stop

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