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Did you know a well run telematics safety program can result in a 45% reduction in accidents.
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Receive real-time updates from GPS-tracked vehicles providing visibility into driver availability and status of deliveries to notify customers

Improve Driver Safety and Productivity while Reducing Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Innovative monitoring, reporting and coaching solutions help drivers safely perform at their best while reducing excessive fleet wear and tear.

Descartes uniquely combines advanced route planning and execution, with real-time vehicle and driver performance monitoring in an integrated platform trusted by leading fleets around the world.

Recognize and reward good driving habits to attract and retain the best drivers. Identify and coach to reduce dangerous and risky driver behaviors to help prevent accidents and damage that increase operational and insurance costs.

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— Tom Wydra, Corporate Fleet Manager, Edward Don & Company

“From any location, we can monitor the real-time status of our deliveries. We can also assess our plan versus actual—to see how well our routers are performing on a daily basis compared to how drivers are actually delivering.”

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