Multi-Stop Delivery Fleets Monitored in Real-Time

Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand provides an easy and affordable way to plan, optimize, dispatch routes, track and monitor delivery fleets in real time. This on-demand fleet management solution combines sophisticated functionality with the simplicity of service delivery built to run on the Web. It optimizes both static routes and dynamic routes to maximize efficiency by taking into account geographic zones, time windows and other physical constraints when planning delivery fleets.

Descartes Route Planner On-demand is comprised of a number of full-featured web-based modules that are distinct in their functionality and operate independently, yet work together seamlessly to create an end-to-end route planning solution.

Descartes Delivery Route Planner™ On-demand

Delivery Route Planning in Real Time

Order Management

The first step is the automatic transfer of electronic client data into the Descartes solution via the Web. The data is uploaded as frequently as required, verified, then geocoded and prepared for use. Intelligent filters improve data integrity and solve problems such as bad addresses while flagging incomplete data for operators to correct.

Order Notification/Confirmations

Clients can automatically be notified of scheduled or adjusted delivery times via e-mail, Web site, SMS, or phone call. Clients can also view their specific E.T.A. or delivery window in real time via the Web, and cancel, accept or modify an order. This direct, customized, and automated interaction provides an affordable way to improve service levels.

Dispatch Management

Once data is geocoded and filtered dispatchers can build routes. Orders are first assigned estimated delivery times and mileage is calculated. They are then sequenced into an optimal multi-stop route-based on constraints and engineered labor standards. Visual mapping tools are available for the driver and enable dispatchers or customer service representatives to manage the status of routes. Changes such as cancellations, postponements, moves and more are all supported in the module. Changes are updated immediately followed by re-calculated E.T.A. and re-sequenced routes. Dispatchers can access and modify planned routes in real time, while drivers achieve visibility into multiple routes via a cell phone or other Web-enabled device.

Routing for Multi-stop Fleets

The sophisticated and powerful software geocodes addresses, while a constraint based engine sequences and optimizes delivery routes based on street level digital maps. The system calculates estimated times of arrival (E.T.A.s) and sequences multi stops based on constraints and economics. Routes are then reviewed and deployed to the fleet. Exceptions are incorporated and routes recalibrated in the event of changes, ensuring dynamic optimization, sequencing within a zone, and periodic zone rebalancing. This helps drive operational improvements that translate into real savings for your business and improve service by narrowing customer delivery windows.

Customer Service

The customer service module provides fast and easy access to real-time delivery information. Real-time visibility into the delivery status of every order improves service by allowing for proactive issue resolution, managing customer expectations and ensuring delivery windows meet customer needs.

Business Analysis/Reports

The business intelligence module simplifies the decision making process by providing extensive reports on your delivery operations. Since all historical client data is archived on the Descartes solution, data can be manipulated, queries processed and reports analyzed on the fly to increase your organization’s efficiencies and performance in relation to industry standards

Real-Time Tracking and Field Data Capture

Drivers are tracked using any wireless to web device including cell phones, handheld PDAs, GPS enabled phones, or customer field tracking units. A variety of data is captured in real time, including: mileage; productivity tracking; timecards; exception handling; onboard inventory; package tracking; temperature; and signatures. This eliminates the need to re-engineer existing processes and incur additional capital costs.


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Last Mile Optimization

"Consistently delighting our customers with a positive home delivery experience is key to our growth," - Marin Dragojevic, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Joseph Cory

Real-Time Driver Management

"With Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand and Descartes Telematics & Compliance™ solutions, we've optimized route planning and execution. Now, our drivers are enabled with leading technology that makes them more efficient. Our dispatchers have real-time visibility to delivery status, can easily access and modify routing plans in real-time, and can proactively alert customers should exceptions occur. This has enhanced our customer service, improved our employee morale, and helped us to reduce costs and better manage driver performance." - David Spira, General Manager, Receiving, Logistics and Fleet Management at S. Bertram.