Route Planning & Optimization

Optimize & Expand Delivery Operations
Iceland Post Deploys Descartes' Route Planning Solution for ecommerce growth

Blueprint for Profitability
Strategic Route Planning - Understanding the Value of Continuous Optimization
An image of the inside of an apartment featuring furniture from Brook Furniture Rental
Customer Success: Brook Furniture Rental
With help from Descartes, Brook Furniture Rental automated its white-glove delivery operations to increase productivity and fleet capacity, lower operational costs, and dramatically improve the customer experience.

Our Route Optimization Innovation Delivers Unmatched Results

A longstanding innovator in route planning software - our technology uses advanced algorithms and AI to deliver transformative improvements in both strategic and real-time dynamic daily planning.

Strategic Planning

Develop and optimize sales/distribution territories, replenishment strategies, and master routes that maximize customer service and profit.

Dynamic Route Planning

Create same, next, or multi-day static or dynamic routes for enhanced customer service and lower operational costs.

Hybrid Route Planning

Combine top customers on fixed delivery patterns with dynamic deliveries to other customers to reduce costs and improve customer service.

Achieve 5-25% Average Cost Reduction Over Legacy Routing Systems and Manual Processes

With rising customer service demands, labor and fleet costs, congestion, regulation, competitive pressure and more, creating optimal route plans and service schedules is more complex than ever. Descartes can help. We empower your planners, drivers, dispatchers, and operational management with the industry’s most advanced tools that are powerful yet simple to use.

With proven success planning millions of routes per year, our customers benefit from:

  • Increased route density and asset utilization
  • Responsive and reliable performance that creates service differentiation 
  • Reduced planning time and resources
  • Addressing the widest spectrum of planning environments
  • Adapting and scaling with highly configurable technology
  • Continuously improving operations with fully integrated dispatch, mobile, and telematics capabilities
  • Accelerating efficiency with AI-driven automation

— Mark Parsons, Managing Director at BC Sands

"The Descartes solution is a unique and comprehensive platform. We could not find another last mile delivery solution that provides scheduling, delivery route planning and execution, proof-of-delivery, automated pre- and post-delivery notification services, and imaging functionality. It has fundamentally transformed our delivery operations."

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Route Planning & Optimization

Create and execute plans that increase efficiency and streamline operations
Wimsatt Building Materials

Wimsatt Building Materials

Wimsatt boosts delivery efficiency by 20% and improves fleet utilization with Descartes’ route planning solution

FAQ: What is Route Planning?

Route planning is critical to improving financial performance and the customer experience.
A collection produce from a wholesale grocery store

Brenham Wholesale Grocery

Wholesale grocery distributor optimized routing and scheduling to increase truck utilization while reducing fuel costs

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