Challenge: Driving Efficiency to Boost Customer Service

In the current climate of evolving trade agreements, perpetually changing tariffs, and the exponential growth of ecommerce, GHY required logistics software that would eliminate error-prone, time-consuming manual processes. The brokerage was aiming to enhance customer service by providing clients with greater visibility into the customs status of cargo, improving accuracy, and increasing connectivity to broker activities. With a view to expansion, GHY sought a system that would scale seamlessly to support continued brokerage growth.

“With Descartes’ help, GHY makes cross-border trade part of our customers’ competitive advantage. The Descartes system not only ensures CBSA compliance to keep customers’ goods moving without disruption but the time-saving features translate into substantial productivity gains, enabling us to focus more on helping our clients optimize their trade strategies.”

-- Alan Dewar, EVP, Client Services & Regulatory Affairs
GHY International

Solution: Automation Elevates Customer Experience

Proud to be known as thought leaders in compliance and border security, GHY implemented Descartes Canadian Customs Brokerage to automate workflows associated with Canadian customs entries, regulatory filings, and customer invoicing. Leveraging the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), the on-demand solution electronically connects GHY with shippers, carriers, and regulatory authorities around the world to ensure efficient customs clearance and improve visibility as goods move through the supply chain.

“We use the Descartes solution not only for Canadian brokerage but also for invoicing and accounting, and we can rely on the data because it’s all one system doing everything we need,” noted Chris Bachinski, President at GHY. “The Descartes system is best-in-breed,” added Bruno Biondi, VP of Canadian Operations. The Descartes solution improves compliance and heightens accuracy through multi-level quality control measures.

The system’s compliance-driven logic considers the country of export, country of import, country of origin, rules and regulations, all in relation to the type of commodity. “There are quality control checks right down to the part level. And if you have, for example, an importer who needs to monitor a specific trade agreement, automated alerts ensure transactions are processed accurately every time,” said Haley Shirtliffe, GHY’s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

With advanced automation, the Descartes system spurs productivity gains. “The system has numerous time-saving factors, including electronic data interchange (EDI) and options for large lineage entries. The CCI line loader enables us to take a CSV file and load multiple lines, saving us from keying hundreds of lines at a time, and offering flexibility for those importers who can’t do EDI,” Shirtliffe explained.

The Results

Improved Quality Control:
Built-in parameters enable GHY to identify and source problems down to the employee or transaction level. Rules-based engines ensure data consistency and integrity, minimizing customs clearance errors and mitigating the risk of non-compliance and associated costs.

Heightened Productivity:
By automating data entry, invoicing, document management, track-and-trace and other customs-related processes, the Descartes system eliminates manual practices and simplifies customs clearance workflows to save the company and its customers both time and money.

Greater Customer Satisfaction:
The Descartes system gives GHY greater control over customs clearance for its customers, enabling the company to easily view shipment status and documents, run reports, and supply missing information online. Exacting standards of quality control and accuracy ensure compliance and the efficient movement of goods.

Global Visibility:
GHY enjoys global visibility into the customs status of cargo and can leverage the Descartes GLN to distribute customs messages and status information to logistics partners and customers, regardless of their location.

Success Story
GHY International


Learn how GHY implemented the cloud-based Descartes Canadian Customs Brokerage™ (formerly ITMR4) to drive a higher level of efficiency, visibility, and accuracy through its customs clearance processes—from data entry, invoicing, and accounting to reporting, imaging, and track-and-trace.


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