Compliance Solutions to Meet Current and Future Global Trade Management Mandates

In Canada, customs brokerage processes are becoming more complex and demanding. Leading logistics service providers are meeting regulatory requirements by digitizing and automating manual processes with best-in-class Canadian customs brokerage technology. As a result, brokers can be more responsive to customers, reduce operational costs, free resources for higher value work, and streamline compliance.

Descartes Canadian Customs Brokerage™, previously called ITMR4, is an on-demand, enterprise-level software solution to help customs brokers, freight forwarders and/or importer self-filers better manage operations. From accounting, financial reports, imaging, e-billing, web-based tracking and tracing, reporting and streamlined data entry, Descartes Canadian Customs Brokerage can help boost productivity, improve accuracy and increase compliance.


The Descartes Canadian Customs Brokerage solution leverages the power of the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), enabling brokers to electronically connect with shippers, carriers and regulatory authorities around the world. While designed to address the needs of Canadian operations, this solution integrates with a wide range of compliance solutions that prepares organizations around the world to meet current and future global trade mandates.

Full Automation Features – Includes Customs Self Assessment (CSA), Advance Commercial Information (ACI)Canadian e-manifest, e-billing, purchase order management, client shipment tracking, document imaging, pre-arrival viewing and release, permits, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) solicitations, outgoing communication management, transaction audits, compliance with the CARM initiative, and more.

Advanced Browser Functionality – User-friendly interface enables users to open, sort and search entries; create ad hoc PDF reports; export data to Microsoft Excel; print email or fax entries and access documentation.

Accounting – A robust integrated package that includes gross and net accounting methods, accruals, multi-level General Ledger (G/L), enhanced reporting capabilities, credit checks, K84 reconciliation and accounts receivable/payable integration.

Document Management – Enables users to upload, sort and view logistics documents from anywhere on the network and associate them with a client, vendor, part or shipment. This simplifies processes, allowing experienced staff to focus on servicing customers and creating efficiencies.

Web Shipments – Clients can view the shipment status and detailed shipment information, as well as print system-generated documents including commercial invoices, permits, release notification messages, statements, delivery orders, etc. Clients can also supply shipment information to the broker or forwarder if it is missing.

Alerts – Notify users of any exceptions that require investigation, such as rejected entries, incomplete documentation, past deadlines, credit check requests and overdue payments, etc.

Event Log – Records events relating to a shipment, including the type of event, when it happened and who performed the action.

Access Control – Allows operators to assign specific roles and menu options that users can access based on their security level and function within the organization.

Messaging Services integration – Provides messaging services through one of the most comprehensive trading connectivity programs in the industry, and offers connectivity options for companies with all levels of sophistication.


Streamlining Canadian Customs Clearance with Descartes 

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Accelerating Canadian Customs Clearance with Descartes 

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