Customer Success: Redcat Racing

Our distribution channels have expanded dramatically, and we could not have handled the growth or huge seasonal spikes without the right technologies. While the mix and complexity of orders varies greatly, the combined Descartes OzLink and NetSuite solution has helped us increase order accuracy, cut fulfilment cycles and improve warehouse performance while sustaining customer satisfaction, growth and profits.

- Dan Sloan, COO, Redcat Racing 

With a growing omnichannel distribution model that includes Amazon, 2000+ dealers and hobby shops, and its own ecommerce site, Redcat Racing deployed Descartes OzLink™ for NetSuite to automate and streamline its order management and shipping processes. Integrated seamlessly with NetSuite, the combined solution improved order accuracy by 80%, reduced costs, and increased operational efficiency.

The Challenge:
Explosive Growth Thwarts Order Fulfilment

Processing complex and varied orders out of two distribution centers, Redcat Racing’s expanding omnichannel distribution strategy was hampered by manual, paper-based order fulfillment and shipping processes. Order fulfilment accuracy and speed, shipping efficiency, and customer satisfaction were all suffering—especiallyduring spiking holiday-season volumes. The company sought a scalable solution, fully integrated with NetSuite, to streamline the fulfilment and order management process, boost performance, and reduce costs.

The Solution:
Joint Solution Wins the Checkered Flag

With a growing product line processed out of two distribution centers in different states, Redcat’s manual order fulfilment processes were unable to meet the requirements of multiple distribution channels. Paper-based picking, manual shipping processes, and error-prone data entry were impacting profit margins and compromising customer service. Order errors were especially costly, both from a customer satisfaction and chargeback perspective.

“If you have just one customer service call that’s related to a misshipped order, that completely eliminates the profitability for that one order. And bigger vendors like Amazon are super strict if you make any errors; they will penalize you financially,” says Dan Sloan, Redcat’s COO. “With mobile barcode scanning and automated order management processes, the joint Descartes OzLink and NetSuite solution greatly increased order fulfilment accuracy and reduced our costs while ensuring our customers receive the right product in a timely fashion.”

Fully integrated with NetSuite, Descartes OzLink seamlessly moves data between Redcat’s applications to minimize the information gap and streamline the order management process. The retailer can share real-time data with its ecommerce site, provide visibility into operations, automatically select the most cost-effective carrier, and improve resource planning by capturing warehouse activities.

“We've been able to easily scale the combined solution from Descartes and NetSuite to support our expanding omnichannel strategy, helping us double our revenue. And the integration process has been easy to implement and super-efficient,” adds Sloan.

The Results

Increased Accuracy

Redcat increased order accuracy by 80% by replacing error-prone paper-based order picking and manual order entry with wireless barcode scanning and seamless data integration between Descartes OzLink, NetSuite, and other mission-critical applications including ecommerce.  

Decreased Costs 

The combined Descartes OzLink and NetSuite solution helped Redcat minimize returns and chargebacks. Elimination of paper-based processes, heightened performance, and visibility into warehouse activities reduced warehouse and shipping costs.

Faster Fulfillment Cycles 

Mobile picking and barcode scanning in the warehouse helped Redcat cut fulfilment time significantly across all channels. Replacing paper-based systems with automated order processing and streamlined shipping translated into increased operational efficiency.

Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Redcat is serving its customers better with faster, more reliable shipments. With fewer mispicks, increased operational efficiencies, and eCommerce integration, customer orders are processed accurately and efficiently with fewer returns.