Descartes Mobile Warehouse for NetSuite

Mobile Barcode Scanning for NetSuite Made Simple

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Descartes Mobile Warehouse for NetSuite is the warehouse management system that drives efficiency and growth for your business. Designed and built for NetSuite users transitioning from paper-based fulfillment to mobile barcoding solution.

The OzLink Mobile Warehouse for NetSuite difference

Feature Highlights

Barcode Scanning
Eliminate paper, picking mistakes, double data entry, and keyed entry errors while increasing efficiency
Multi-Strategy Picking
Flexible picking options boost efficiency in the most labor-intensive part of warehouse work
Receiving Inventory
Receiving Inventory
Eliminate double data entry, keep track of items, and streamline receiving and put-away

Pallet License Plating
Move items in bulk with a single scan, always know each product’s location and save time
Streamline your outbound operations, driving accuracy from shelf to shipment
Mode-Agnostic Shipping
Use any shipping option: Parcel, LTL, private fleet

Key Benefits of Descartes Ozlink Mobile Warehouse

Reduce Walking Time

25% reduction in walking time with single-order picking; 40% less with multi-order picking

Faster Picking

30% improvement in picking time with Descartes Mobile Warehouse for NetSuite

Eliminate Pick Errors

100% overall receiving, put away, and pick accuracy with barcode scanning technology

Fastest Implementation & Rollout

2x faster than our leading competitor’s implementation timeframe. Train a new employee in 30 minutes

Our Clients

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WMS Buyer's Guide for NetSuite

wms buyers guide for netsuite users

We know how hard it can be to scour the web for all the information you need to compare different options for your NetSuite business. We've condensed it all into one comprehensive guide that you can read at your own leisure.

— Robert Poole, CEO & President Blue Sky Distribution

“Our legacy system couldn’t provide the data points or order processing efficiency we required to deliver superior customer service. By integrating Descartes OzLink with NetSuite, we’ve not only streamlined our fulfillment process, we’ve added a new level of visibility. We can rely on the integrity of the data to ensure inventory and order accuracy while capitalizing on insights to formulate ‘tomorrow’s plan’.”


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We offer a fully integrated warehouse management and shipping for NetSuite solution.

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