Walck's automated its shipping and ecommerce order fulfillment processes with Descartes OzLink™

Implementing Descartes OzLink created immediate value: a process that used to take us 30- 60 seconds per order can now be done in just a few seconds. By automating our processes, we can handle higher volumes more quickly with the highest level of accuracy and quality assurance—and this translates into both cost savings and happier customers.

-Robin Walck, Co-owner Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive

As the leading replicator and retailer of restoration parts for Willys and other older-model Jeeps, Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive required a streamlined, automated shipping and ecommerce solution to manage its growing order fulfillment demands. The Descartes OzLink™ solution integrates seamlessly with Walck’s Magento and UPS WorldShip applications to improve shipping efficiency, increase order accuracy, and help build even greater brand loyalty.

The Challenge:
The High Cost of Legacy Processes

Walck’s cumbersome and time-consuming paper-based shipping processes were unable to keep pace with its rate of expansion and mounting online customer requests. In addition, the company struggled with tracking and managing the shipment of partial orders. Walck’s required a technology solution to eliminate manual bottlenecks, minimize administration costs, improve customer care—and to better handle partial orders in particular.

The Solution:
Automation Drives Shipping Efficiency

Walck’s ships, on average, 80+ small packages per day (e.g., accessories, owner’s manuals, gas caps) in addition to handling large freight shipments (e.g., rear axles, bumpers, transmissions). For small and large size products, the Descartes OzLink solution eliminated Walck’s inefficient manual order fulfillment processes and streamlined shipping processes by sharing information in real-time with the company’s carrier shipping software (UPS WorldShip) and ecommerce application (Magento).

“In the past, when a customer placed an order online at walcks4wd.com, we had to manually type order numbers and order details, piece by piece, into UPS WorldShip to confirm shipping execution information. We then had to enter tracking information into Magento for our customers to access. It was incredibly time-consuming! Now, Descartes OzLink automates the entire process for both full and partial shipments, including generating labels and documentation,” explains Robin Walck, Co-owner, Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive.

In addition, before Descartes OzLink, if Walck’s didn’t have all of the items on hand for a given order, those that were shipped were marked, manually again, as single shipments in Magento. With its unique packing validation process, however, Descartes OzLink can programmatically record what is shipped—at both the item level and the order level. This enables Walck’s to automatically ship and track the items that are in stock, ship the remainder when it becomes available, and keep the customer informed throughout the entire process.

Walck added, “Shipping mistakes are expensive, both in terms of dollars and customer loyalty. Thanks to the automation we’ve achieved using Descartes OzLink, we’ve have eliminated the potential for the types of errors that manual practices can create.”

Descartes OzLink delivers a quick return on investment; the Walck’s deployment was a mere 4 weeks from initial installation and testing to production and training. “The whole process was painless. We were able to hit the ground running and enjoy efficiency benefits right out of the gate—in time for our peak season,” emphasized Walck.

Benefits of Automating Shipping Processes

75%-95% Faster Fulfillment

By automating its shipping and ecommerce order fulfillment processes with Descartes OzLink, Walck’s enjoys a 75%-95% improvement in processing time in comparison with its inefficient manual, paper-based system.

Increased Accuracy

  • Seamless information sharing between Descartes OzLink, UPS WorldShip, and Magento has helped Walck’s achieve 100% accuracy in its order fulfillment process. The unique packing validation feature ensures the accurate management of partial shipments.

Higher Standard of Customer Service

  • With increased fulfillment accuracy, heightened productivity, and better customer visibility into order fulfillment status for partial shipments, Walck’s can build brand loyalty by providing a higher level of customer care.

Decreased Costs

  • Automating the shipping and ecommerce order fulfillment process for full and partial shipments minimized administration costs and eliminated costly shipping errors, enabling Walck’s to keep pace with rapid growth and escalating demand for its products.