Integrating and Automating Order Fulfillment Processes across Multiple Functions

Descartes OzLink™ is an advanced integration solution for ecommerce brands, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers. It connects business applications, including Oracle NetSuite, UPS WorldShip®, Intuit QuickBooks®, SAP, and a suite of other endpoints. The solution complements core business systems, seamlessly moving data and automating tasks. Businesses can maximize efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer service by minimizing the information gap between applications.

The range of endpoints and extensions available with Descartes OzLink is the primary differentiator of the solution. From warehousing to shipping and more, our extensive library of endpoints enables businesses to connect with an almost limitless number of applications. The solution can flexibly connect technology that runs in the cloud, operates on premise or within a hosted environment.

Descartes OzLink for NetSuite

Descartes OzLink™ for NetSuite extends an investment in NetSuite with seamless, real-time information sharing between NetSuite and one or more end-points, including shipping solutions and warehouse management system functionality. The solution features a wide range of optional flexible extensions to adapt to operational requirements.

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Descartes OzLink for UPS

Frequently recommended by UPS representatives, Descartes OzLink™ for UPS is the fastest way to rate, ship, and track with UPS. Easily check delivery times and validate addresses to ensure packages arrive precisely where and when they are needed. This solution is UPS Ready certified and Customer Technology Program (CTP) vendor-approved.

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Descartes OzLink for QuickBooks

As a Gold Certified QuickBooks developer, Descartes OzLink integrates directly with QuickBooks. Whether you are a small business wanting to get into barcoding, a multi-channel high-volume retailer, or a wholesale distributor, we have the solutions and experience to help you apply industry best practices and streamline your operations.

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Descartes OzLink QVRT

Descartes OzLink™ Quantum View Rating & Tracking (Descartes OzLink™ QVRT) is strategically designed to interact with a standard UPS QVD file to provide quicker visibility to shipment costs. The solution operates hands-free and automatically and can be applied to third-party, outbound, or inbound shipments. Access to published and negotiated rates offers the added flexibility and strategic insight businesses require in today’s competitive environment.

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More About Descartes OzLink by Function

Descartes OzLink offers solutions to automate tasks in the following areas:

Descartes OzLink for Warehouse Management

Descartes OzLink Mobile Warehouse streamlines warehouse and inventory operations by extending the power of NetSuite into the warehouse. With better automation, logistics-oriented businesses can:

  • Increase fulfillment accuracy and control costs with options for mobile picking and barcode scanning
  • Support sales growth with minimal or no additional warehouse labor costs
  • Gain better inventory control and visibility
  • Manage omnichannel fulfillment with multiple picking models including batch picking, multi-order picking and tote-based picking
  • Gain real-time visibility into operations on the warehouse floor
  • Benefit from mobile-based purchase order receiving, picking, packing and cycle count processes

Descartes OzLink for Shipping

Descartes OzLink for Shipping provides NetSuite users with advanced automation tools to optimize shipping departments. By integrating shipping with ERP and e-commerce systems, companies can:

  • Streamline shipping with support for UPS, USPS, FedEx, OnTrac, Purolator, Canada Post, and more
  • Increase throughput and accuracy while reducing costs
  • Update ERP and e-commerce applications in real-time with tracking numbers and shipping costs
  • Automate carrier and service selection with business rules
  • Generate branded, graphically rich e-mail notifications to customers with order and tracking details
  • Capture Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) information at ship time and automatically generate ASNs and UCC-128 labels
  • Optimize delivery of perishable goods with real-time integration with destination weather
  • Automate the production of a VICS® BOLs for freight and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments
  • Perform batch shipping with combo pack slip and shipping labels