9 Essential Customer Notifications 

Customers want more updates about their appointments or orders.
Gravesham Increases First-time Access

Technology keeps customers informed before, during and after appointments.

Customer Engagement Technology that Sends the Right Message at the Right Time to Enhance Last Mile Customer Experience and Reduce Costs 

Businesses are increasingly expected to meet the high standards of today’s customers who are used to last mile communication in areas like e-commerce and food delivery. Real-time order notifications reduce uncertainty by allowing customers to track their appointment or delivery while planning their day. 

Effective customer communication means sending the right message, at the right time, via the right channel. Automating notifications via SMS, email, or alternative channels, frees up resources by reducing inbound calls and increasing first-time access. Your team can get more work done while customers enjoy an enhanced experience. 

Feature Expansion

— Paradigm Housing Group

"Since implementing Descartes, Paradigm has achieved a 20-40% reduction in carded appointments for responsive repairs compared to the same months the previous year." 

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