FAQ: What is Strategic Route Planning and What are the Benefits?
Strategic route planning can benefit fleets that use static, dynamic, and master routes.

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eBook: Strategic Route Planning: Blueprint for Profitability
This eBook explains the value of continuous delivery network rerouting.

Optimally Plan Your Distribution Network for Greater Productivity, Adapt to Demand Changes, Achieve New Business Goals, and Determine the Best Path to New Markets or Successfully Consolidate Acquisitions

Single-Pass Approach

Descartes’ strategic route planning solution optimizes distribution operations quickly and effectively by using a single-pass approach to strategic route modeling. Next-generation optimization technology streamlines the procedure and yields better results than conventional sales and territory planning solutions.

Flexible For All Fleets

Since strategic route planning hones in on the policies and procedures that determine the daily routing parameters, it can be implemented by fleets that operate static, master, and dynamic routes. 

Optimal Delivery Strategy

While taking service regulations and operational procedures into account, this method identifies the best mix and location of resources (such as distribution facilities, fleet size, and drivers) to achieve customer service and financial targets.

Strategic Route Planning Capabilities

— Bryan Glover, General Manager, Lift Off Distribution 

“We now have much greater control of our delivery operations and we are better able to deliver the level of service our customers demand.”  

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