Fixed Route Planning

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Red Bull beverage distributor optimizes its distribution territories, route plans, and delivery frequency.

Create Predetermined Routes to Establish Consistent Customer Service, Lower Costs, and Improve Driver Retention

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Fixed routes (also called static or master routes) benefit distribution and services companies by providing efficiency and cost savings, consistent customer service, better balancing of work across drivers, and the basis to track deliveries in execution.  

Fixed route planning enhances customer satisfaction, streamlines operations, and increases profitability and driver retention for companies with predefined visitation expectations. 


Import Optimized Master Routes

Use Descartes' strategic route planning solution to create optimized fixed routes and download them for daily planning use. 

Dispatch & Tracking Integration

Easily move the fixed route plan to execution and driver mobile solutions and monitor the route’s progress in real-time.

Intuitive User Interface

A modern user interface that makes it easy for planners to quickly build an efficient set of routes that meet customer and company needs.

Off-Order Insertion & Assessment

Add off-orders and immediately understand their impact on deliveries on existing fixed routes.

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Fixed Route FAQs

What is a fixed (master) route?

Fixed routes, also known as master rouFixed routes, also known as master routes, adhere to fixed delivery schedules. These routes maintain the same sequence of stops across a period of time (e.g., every day), irrespective of variations in order mix and volume.

What are the benefits of fixed route planning?

The main benefit The main benefit of fixed route planning is the consistency and predictability it provides customers about their deliveries or services.

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