European EDI Platform for E-procurement and E-invoicing Between Companies & with Governmental Instances

To be able to use Peppol, companies must register with an Access Point.
Descartes is a certified Peppol Service Provider with its own Access Point. This allows us to issue Peppol IDs and register companies on the Peppol network.
If you currently enter invoices manually on a website, we have an integrated solution for you that also fits in with your existing ERP.

Peppol visual


In addition to Business-to-Government, B2B exchange of business documents is increasingly being set up via the Peppol network. The message format used is UBL (Universal Business Language). Descartes provides the necessary mappings for this.

Peppol Order-To-Cash
From orders, via shipping notifications and status updates to e-invoicing. The entire order-to-cash process can be done via Peppol. Once connected to the network you have access to all other members of the network.
Peppol e-Invoicing
Via the Peppol platform, invoices can be exchanged via EDI with government agencies, but also between trading partners. The transmission is automatic and in real time in a safe and high-quality manner.
Peppol e-Procurement
Peppol provides the framework as well as the rules and standard messages to set up e-procurement with government institutions. The entire e-procurement process runs through Peppol.


"The fact that we are a certified Peppol service provider fits perfectly with the fact that we are the global market leader in B2B messaging. Through the Descartes Global Logistics Network, we help our customers translate all messages that are exchanged into a correct format and deliver them to their trading partners."

Fred van der Heide, VP Product Management