Challenge: Multi-vendor System Ineffectiveness 

A Customs Brokerage was approaching a critical threshold that required added automation and enhanced logistics and supply chain technology. According to Gabriel Rodriguez, President at A Customs Brokerage, “We have seen a consistent growth trend year-over-year, even reaching a double-digit growth rate throughout the economic downturn. The business was reaching a stage where additional automation and systems integration were needed in order to maintain the highest caliber of customer service”.  

Mr. Rodriguez adds, “However, the number of technology providers we were using seemed to increase in parallel to our business growth. This meant that in order to effectively track and clear a shipment, a representative would need to switch to different technology systems and various methods of recordkeeping. The constant shift of context and focus was ineffective.”  

As a result of the numerous technology systems in use, ACB was experiencing a fragmented view of logistics visibility and higher IT maintenance costs. Mr. Rodriguez continues, “The multi-vendor, multi-process system was not working for us. We began to look for a higher level of service offering when we were unable to achieve our goals using existing solutions.” 

“Throughout our 8-year relationship with Descartes, we have doubled our customs-bonded warehouse operations from a 25,000 sq ft building into a 50,000 sq ft location. There is so much potential we can tap into with Descartes and this is a direct correlation to the level of customer service we are able to offer our client base.” 

--Gabriel Rodriguez, President A Customs Brokerage

Solution: Optimizing Performance for Growth 

Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise and Descartes OneView™ CHB solutions enabled ACB to consolidate processes, effectively perform financial analysis and manage import, export and customs brokerage procedures from a single platform.  

A Customs Brokerage also noted that its business model is one of its largest competitive differentiators. “We can handle any size shipment and have an enormous variety of clientele. ACB has seen the greatest success by serving mid-size clients simply because they comprise the majority of importers and exporters in the industry. However, there are still so many business opportunities out there.”  

“We have seen a 25% increase in volume since implementing Descartes’ technology. Descartes currently manages 95% of our business operations, the technology and automation offered by Descartes helped us not just increase the volume of customers but gave us an opportunity to grow our range of service offerings. This has helped drive our business to a higher level of operational efficiency and added to our mission of being a cargo concierge”.  

Descartes’ implementation team fully trained the staff to ensure a successful rollout, “Having used a number of logistics technology solutions, I have seen first-hand the degree of outstanding service and domain expertise shown by Descartes,” he continues, “The expertise of Descartes onboarding and technology support teams is world-class. The support is local, and the implementation team has shown a long-term commitment to the success of our business.”

The Results 

Added Operational Efficiency:  
The integration of Descartes’ technologies enabled employees to remain focused, resulting in 15% productivity gains, labor savings and increased business continuity. 

Increased Visibility & Reporting: 
Real-time visibility and reporting accuracy provided ACB with the ability to analyze data and strategically increase the range of service offerings. 

Positioned for Growth:  
A 25% increase in volume since implementing Descartes technology provided a foundation to move from a 25,000 sq ft into a 50,000 sq ft location. 

Automated Customs Functions:  
By adding compliance validations and standardized customs functions, the Descartes solutions helped ACB maintain the highest caliber of customer service. 


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A Customs Brokerage

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