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Descartes OzLink™ QVRT
Do you need to track and rate all of your shipments that are drop shipped on your behalf?
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From rating to quoting and more, Descartes OzLink™ simplifies connectivity to UPS

UPS Ready® Order Fulfillment and UPS Shipping Automation

Used by thousands of companies, Descartes Shipping™ for UPS is the fastest way to rate, ship, and track with UPS. The solution is also the easiest way to check delivery times and validate addresses to ensure packages arrive exactly where and when they are needed. Descartes Shipping for UPS is UPS Ready certified and Customer Technology Program (CTP) vendor approved.

The UPS-Certified Shipping Solution

• Increase productivity and accuracy with seamless integration to UPS, ecommerce, and internal systems

• Reduce shipping costs by leveraging UPS account discounts

• Provide better customer service through package tracking and notifications

• Reduce fulfillment processing time with automated shipping rules

Rick Gemereth, CIO from Lionel Racing

“With Descartes Shipping for UPS we could improve customer choice and lower transportation costs.”


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Descartes Shipping for UPS - Solution Overview

Descartes OzLink™ for UPS Free

Front Office UPS Automation
The introductory version of Descartes OzLink for UPS provides access to key data to help quote shipping costs, offer the correct delivery options, and confirm delivery timeframes
Descartes OzLink™ for UPS Plus

Gain More Visibility and Control
The Plus solution provides Excel-based street-level address validation, shipment rating, tracking, and batch shipping—It is the fastest way to validate, rate, ship and track with UPS
Descartes OzLink™ for UPS QVRT

Automated Shipping Rate Visibility and Archiving
Descartes OzLink™ Quantum View Rating & Tracking (QVRT) is designed to interact with a standard UPS QVD file to provide faster visibility to shipment costs
Descartes OzLink™ for UPS Pro

Shipping with QuickBooks or NetSuite Made Easy
The fastest way for QuickBooks™ or NetSuite® users to ship UPS packages and streamline shipping operations with real-time data sharing
Descartes ShipRush™ for UPS

Fast and Easy Cloud-based Ecommerce Shipping
Multi-carrier shipping tailored for ecommerce sellers with hundreds of preconnected ecommerce channels and carriers, discounted shipping rates, and order management
Descartes OzLink™ for UPS Custom

Drive Order Fulfillment Accuracy and Efficiency
Advanced integration to most order management and ecommerce applications to automate end-to-end fulfillment and shipping processes with real-time UPS integration tailored to company-specific needs

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