Current and Accurate Shipping Rates and Strategic Archiving 

Companies that use drop-shippers often struggle to gauge accurate shipment costs. Many businesses can only determine actual rates after receipt of a UPS invoice, leading to billing delays and an inability to assess operational and financial performance. In addition, since carriers archive Proof of Delivery (POD) documentation for only one year, it can be challenging to readily access, store and retrieve historical delivery data.

Descartes OzLink™ Quantum View Rating & Tracking (Descartes OzLink™ QVRT) is strategically designed to interact with a standard UPS QVD file to provide quicker visibility to shipment costs. The solution operates hands-free and automatically, and can be applied to third-party, outbound or inbound shipments. Access to both published and negotiated rates offers the added flexibility and strategic insight businesses require in today’s competitive environment.

Descartes OzLink QVRT also helps to warehouse historical POD data which can provide heavily-regulated industries in the pharmaceutical, medicaments, and biotech sectors, the edge they need to avoid fines. The application automatically processes a tracking request for all shipments designated as delivered. Data including POD with signature can be easily archived locally for as long as required.

Potential Benefits

Descartes OzLink QVRT can help to:

  • Boost visibility with insight to third-party shipment activity
  • Enable earlier billing
  • Track delivered packages
  • Store historical POD data to reduce potential fines and improve compliance
  • Ensure drop shippers correctly process shipments
  • Better assess profitability and gauge shipment costs


With Descartes OzLink QVRT, companies can:

  • Rate for multiple account numbers
  • Automatically batch-track delivered packages
  • Archive POD data locally for as long as required
  • Rapidly access both published and negotiated rates
  • Rate inbound, outbound and third-party shipments
  • Search by reference number or tracking number to recall a stored POD
Ask us how Descartes OzLink QVRT can help you enable earlier billing, better gauge profitability, assess shipment costs and transform operations.