Descartes OzLink Shipping for NetSuite

Easily Integrate All UPS, FedEx, USPS, and LTL Freight Shipping Capabilities

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Descartes Shipping for NetSuite improves shipping performance by 20-30% by enabling the sharing of order information between NetSuite and carrier-provided software. It’s best for people who already use and love carrier shipping software (i.e., UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager) and want it seamlessly integrated with NetSuite. OzLink Shipping for NetSuite automatically updates NetSuite with tracking numbers, freight charges, shipping weights and other detailed shipment information.   

The OzLink Shipping for NetSuite Difference

OzLink Shipping for NetSuite is the easiest way to connect your carrier shipping software to NetSuite and print labels 5X faster. Continue to Use existing carrier software. Short training time. As a bonus, you can take advantage of your carriers' service offerings in one place with OzLink Shipping for NetSuite.    

Features and benefits

Ease of Implementation
No need to retrain your shipping staff as they continue to use the software they are already
Shipping Business Rules Automation
Leverage bar code scanning to verify what you put in the box is what your customer ordered
Automates the Use of a Scale 
Provides the ability to weigh packages at the time of shipping
Use All the Carriers’ Services
Ability to access all the carriers' services with NetSuite
Generate ASN for customers
Automate the printing or emailing of customer-specific notifications
Print Custom Forms and Packing Lists
Can be configured to automatically print customized forms and packing lists based on the needs of a customer or trading partner 

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Customer Success

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Blue Sky Distribution, a distributor of grocery and tobacco products serving New Mexico and the Western U.S., implemented the Descartes OzLink™ Mobile Warehouse solution to automate and streamline its ecommerce fulfillment process in response to explosive customer demand.
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