Route Optimization Software That Easily Integrates and Expands With Existing Systems

Descartes route optimization software helps improve operational efficiency through better route scheduling. As each new order is received, the vehicle route planning schedule is generated in real time to reallocate mobile fleet resources to optimize operating efficiencies, deliver priority service to the most profitable accounts and routes, and maintain overall customer service objectives. It helps companies reduce operating costs, which can minimize total route distances and average miles between stops.

Descartes route planning software is part of the Descartes Routing, Mobile & Telematics suite.

Reduce Cost and Enhance Customer Service

Descartes Route Planner™ is geared towards organizations that are looking for a routing solution that is tightly integrated into enterprise processes and that have customers and orders that change right up to and beyond the time of dispatch.

  • Coordinating users in a centrally maintained server
  • Decreasing expediting costs and overtime charges
  • Enhancing fleet capacity utilization
  • Minimizing distance traveled, stop duration, and fuel usage
  • Facilitating the ability to meet contractual performance goals
  • Improving on-time performance rates
  • Offering more accurate arrival and departure times

Success with Descartes Route Optimization Software

“Deliver what I ordered when I want it delivered at a time convenient to my busy schedule, requiring minimal waiting on my part, as quickly as possible. Make sure that you reliably deliver what I ordered when you promised, and, if circumstances prevent you from delivering on time - notify me as early as possible.”

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Route Optimization Software Extensibility and Expandability

Optimization  Logical Constraints

  • Reservations capacity visibility
  • AWS support for Descartes Altamap™
  • Sales and territory planning
  • Exchange and transfer orders

Optimization Cloud Computing

  • Support for Descartes Optimization Engines in the Cloud
  • Background Optimizer Elastic Computer 

Flexible Mobile Solutions

  • Driver activity tracking
  • Industry specific: Food Transportation, Field Service, etc. 

Tracking Visibility 

  • Driver scoring 
  • History
  • Exception dashboards 
  • Customer visibility portals

Software Extensions 

  • Support for iOS and Google Play
  • Multiple browsers support: IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari