Simplifying Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance with Descartes Telematics

As Canada’s largest courier and freight network, Purolator is leading the way in electronic logging device (ELD) best practices, implementing the Descartes Telematics solution months ahead of the Canadian ELD mandate. By eliminating time-consuming, cost-intensive, and error-prone paper driver logs, the automated ELD solution simplified Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, boosted productivity, and reduced operational costs.

“As the lifeblood of our operations, our drivers’ safety is paramount. We took a proactive approach to HOS compliance, rolling out the Descartes solution in advance of the ELD mandate. We were able to painlessly wean our drivers off paper logs and reduce check calls so they could focus on what matters most: delivery. Plus, we now have more accurate record-keeping at a reduced cost.”

- Melissa Palton, Manager, Transportation Systems, Linehaul Operations, Purolator

Challenge: Staying Ahead of the ELD Curve

With Transport Canada’s ELD mandate coming into force June 12, 2021, Purolator sought to establish its ELD standards and best practices well in advance of the legislation. The company wanted ample time to flatten the ELD learning curve and secure driver buy-in, especially from drivers who were less comfortable with technology, while avoiding any last-minute headaches, backlogs, and negative service impacts. Purolator required a user-friendly telematics and ELD solution that would strengthen HOS compliance, increase driver productivity, and improve driver safety.Solution: Enhancing On-the-road Safety and Simplifying Compliance

With a clear vision for its ELD program communicated to all stakeholders—fleet management, operations, safety team, and drivers—Purolator launched a three-month pilot of the Descartes Telematics solution with 15 drivers in three locations across Ontario and Quebec. After experiencing a smooth transition from paper driver logs, Purolator rolled out the system to 125 drivers at 25 locations across the country in a phased approach. The solution was fully deployed in October 2019, more than a year in advance of Transport Canada’s ELD mandate.

“Early adoption has enabled us to streamline compliance with HOS guidelines and position our fleet ahead of the curve with insights and best practices for implementing and maximizing the value of telematics,” said Melissa Palton, Manager of Transportation Systems, Linehaul Operations at Purolator. “With Descartes, we’ve eliminated manual driver logs, reduced costly errors, and streamlined compliance with an easy-to-use, fully-automated system that our drivers are confident using.”

“In addition to the time managers save not having to audit paper logs, drivers are saving about 15 minutes every day with the automated solution, which translates to significantly more delivery time across the enterprise annually,” added Fernando Martinez, Manager Transportation Systems & Continuous Improvement at Purolator. The solution also provides drivers with the ability to check, edit and annotate their electronic logs. For law enforcement/regulatory screening and inspections, electronic logs are viewable on-screen and can also be transmitted via email.

For the company’s national transportation group, the greatest benefit has been the ease by which they can oversee HOS compliance across the organization. “With immediate access to driver logs, GPS tracking, and proactive non-compliance alerts (e.g., “Drivers Approaching Limit”), we can prioritize driver safety in a cost-effective, efficient manner,” noted Palton.


Increased Productivity
Without the manual chore of completing HOS paperwork, drivers save approximately 15 minutes every day which can be allocated to revenue-earning driving and delivery. Plus, the time and resources required to audit paper logs is eliminated.

Lower Operational Costs
Purolator reduced expenses by eliminating the time and manpower needed to create, maintain, and audit paper logs. The ELD solution enables predictive vehicle maintenance programs that reduce breakdowns and deliver significant cost savings.

Enhanced Driver Experience
The automated Descartes Telematics solution takes the headache out of recording hours with pens and rulers and expedites roadside inspections by provincial transport officers, improving the day-to-day experience for drivers.

Simplified Compliance
With immediate access to drivers’ logs and notification of potential non-compliance, Purolator’s national transportation group can easily and effectively understand and comply with HOS guidelines to improve the safety of its drivers.

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Telematics Driven Transformation - Selecting the Right Solution

It is important to select the right ELD solution. This requires assessing not only the device itself, but also the software platform, driver app, other value-add applications and services, and key characteristics of the solution provider. We start with the platform characteristics first, as these are key and are one way to narrow the field quickly. Download the white paper series to learn more.


Telematics & Compliance

Comply with electronic logging device (ELD) and hours of service (HOS), while monitoring vehicle performance and driver behavior to improve efficiency and safety.

Fleet and Driver Performance

Innovative monitoring, reporting and coaching solutions help drivers safely perform at their best while reducing excessive fleet wear and tear.

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