Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR)

An Efficient, Integrated Camera System That Encourages Positive Driver Behavior and a Culture of Safety 

The injury, cost, and reputational damage implications make safety a paramount concern for fleet operators. Many incidents are caused by poor driver behavior that could be avoided through better knowledge of driver behavior and training. 

Fleets can take advantage of an advanced video event data recorder (VEDR) to capture bad driving behavior and provide drivers with microlearning-based training to ensure full understanding of the incident, help build a strong safety culture, encourage positive driving behavior, and help reduce future incidents.  

Boost your fleet’s safety, compliance, and productivity with a VEDR that is integrated with a comprehensive training program. 

VEDR Capabilities

— Angelo Leonor, Local Parcel Services Inc. 

“It's a good all-in-one system for safety training and VEDR. The user interface is very user-friendly compared to the competitors.”  

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