Driver Hours of Service (HOS) Reporting 

Easily Manage Drivers’ Hours While Complying with HOS Regulations, ELD, and Working Time Directive Requirements

Driver hours of service (HOS) and EU Working Time Directive regulations help ensure the safety and wellbeing of drivers, passengers, and the public.  

Monitoring and recording drivers’ hours is necessary to stay compliant, avoid hefty fines and/or prosecution, and improve fleet performance. Descartes’ easy-to-configure solution simplifies recording of drivers’ hours so you can track their compliance and proactively manage exceptions.  

HOS Tracking & Reporting Capabilities

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— Charlie Battler, Director of Fleet and Safety at SRS 

“The solution was recently put to the test during a routine DOT audit. Both the SRS team and DOT representatives were impressed with how quickly we were able to demonstrate compliance with thorough and easily understood HOS reports.”  

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With Descartes’ telematics solution, SRS Distribution automated its commercial Driver Hours of Service (HOS) reporting with Descartes’ telematics solutions. 
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Don’t merely comply with the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and the US ELD mandate; put it to use to increase efficiency and improve safety. 

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