We recently conducted a global benchmark study surveying fleet managers from a wide array of industries and logistics providers, asking for their perspectives on issues impacting fleet operations today and their projections for the future. We asked about key trends, strategies, tactics, technologies and financial metrics that impact fleet management. Here’s a sample of the survey results:

Fleet Management Benchmark Survey Summary1. What are your top three impactful expectations for the next five years, where improving productivity is key to addressing change?

  • Driver Shortage [63%]
  • More Demanding Customers [41%]
  • eCommerce / Home Delivery [28%]

2. What are the top capabilities for fleet management?

  • Route Planning [44%]
  • Dispatch & Tracking [30%]

3. What are the top strategies you plan to use to prepare for industry change?

  • Invest in Technology [63%]
  • Change Fleet Operational Strategy [53%]
  • Cut Costs [42%]

4. Where do you plan to make the greatest technology investment in the next two year?

  • Dispatch & Tracking [38%]
  • Route Planning [25%]
  • HOS Compliance [22%]
  • Delivery Booking [22%]
  • Mobile Routing [20%]
  • Reducing Paperwork [20%]
Interestingly, the survey results showed that one of the greatest competitive concerns for the majority of participants were increased customer service expectations forcing changes to operational strategy. The most concerning competitive strategies indicated by the survey were faster deliveries and free shipping, tying at 47% as being an important driver for change.

For more detailed survey results, download the survey in its entirety as an ebook summarizing the benchmark study: Fleet Management Strategies of Top Performers.

Written by James Wee

Vice President, Sales, Descartes System Group