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Tyres On The Drive Offers Self-Scheduling
Tyres On The Drive Offers Customers Dynamic Appointment Self-Scheduling with Descartes
John Lewis - Customer Success
John Lewis is using Descartes Reservations™ to improve route planning of their in-house fleet, while reducing delivery miles and transportation costs

Create a Highly Differentiated Customer Experience with the Industry’s Most Advanced Dynamic Delivery and Service Appointment Booking Solution

Descartes’ cloud-based solution enables real-time appointment scheduling to make pick-up, delivery, or service commitments that keep fleet operations productive and profitable while increasing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

  • Analyzes and continuously optimizes booking requests. Considers order parameters against available resources and business rules, ranks and presents options, and locks in the time window for the customers.
  • Employs a variety of criteria using business rules and AI to evaluate and present booking options and add-on services.

  • Includes configuration options to restrict costly delivery options while offering incentives for more beneficial time slots or to priority customers.
  • Delivers proven scale and integration capabilities to support a broad variety of deployment scenarios.

Ray Fernandez, CEO at Tyres On The Drive

"To enhance our customers’ experience, we wanted to offer them the ability to self-select their appointment. We deployed Descartes’ solution because of its proven ability to interact with the customer during the buying process to provide optimised, real-time appointment booking."

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