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Descartes Reduces Delivery Costs and Turns Food Service Distribution Operations into a Competitive Weapon

Being a food service company has never been easy—rising costs, demanding customers combined with fluctuations in supply and demand. There used to be a greater level of customer predictability; however, the pandemic made the food service market even more challenging.

Customer ordering patterns are changing, making it harder to plan deliveries. Services times are increasing, negatively impacting productivity and the customer experience. Customers also have more same-day orders, which is challenging traditional delivery models and can be quite expensive if not properly managed.

Descartes helps food service companies meet the broad range of challenges they face by providing advanced solutions that enable the differentiated services that can help them grow and improve margins.

  • Strategic route planning to determine the best service strategy
  • Hybrid operational planning that reduces costs and keeps customer service levels high
  • Proactive route execution that minimizes the impact of disruptions
  • Engagement with customers from the time of purchase to post delivery
  • Better management of drivers that improves retention, productivity, and safety

Descartes’ modular platform allows food service companies to focus on improving their most pressing challenges. All these capabilities are underpinned by a modern, cloud-based architecture and use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Strategic Route Planning

Model and optimize the distribution network for the best cost and customer service combination and determine optimal service day assignment and master routes.

Hybrid Operational Planning
Route planning software for foodservice that combines static and dynamic planning to better serve customers, seamlessly handle off-orders, and lower distribution costs.
Delivery Appointment Scheduling
Smart customer self-service delivery appointment scheduling for same- and next-day deliveries that enhances the customer experience, increases revenue, lowers delivery costs, and is more environmentally friendly.
Intelligent Dispatch & Tracking
Intelligent performance dashboard enhanced with machine learning and real-time GPS improves delivery visibility, reliability, and efficiency.
Fleet Mobile Apps
Intuitive proof of delivery, manifests, and navigation improves driver productivity reduces stress and captures critical OS&D information, manages returns, and creates clean customer invoices.
Customer Engagement
Engage customers from delivery appointment booking through real-time delivery tracking and status to allow customers to optimize delivery receipt.
Safety, Compliance & Telematics
Help ensure driver and vehicle performance, enforce safe operations, and meet regulatory reporting requirements.
Fleet Analytics & AI
Power business intelligence combined with machine learning that provides deep insights into operational performance.

End-to-End Delivery Solution

End-to-End Infographic

A Single Platform for Distributors' Fleet and For-Hire Transportation Needs

Whether its parcel shipments for smaller items, using couriers for small packages, or common carriers for inbound or intracompany shipments, food service companies have transportation management needs that go beyond the fleet. 

Descartes is uniquely positioned to help distributors execute their vision of an enterprise-wide transportation platform that gives them visibility and control of inbound shipments, intracompany shipments, couriers, and parcel shipments. We combine fleet and for-hire transportation to holistically manage all modes of transportation including fleet, truckload and LTL, parcel, courier, and gig economy.

Our solution brings the depth and breadth food service companies need to get the most from their transportation operations.

Comprehensive Delivery Footprint

  • Unified face to customer
  • Manage mode-specific requirements
  • Flexible delivery strategies
  • High-tech to no-tech integration
  • Combine inbound and outbound operations
Comprehensive Delivery Footprint Infographic

Let Descartes’ Experts Help You Understand the Art of the Possible

From our work with leading food service companies across the globe, Descartes has built the domain expertise and proven solutions to help food service companies with the simplest to most sophisticated transportation requirements. Our experts are fully versed in the leading-edge strategies and tactics in areas such as last-mile delivery that are creating competitive differentiation and increasing profitability.

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