Transforming food and beverage distribution operations to meet today’s challenging demands

Food and beverage distributors are facing unprecedented times. With the dramatic shifts in demand, rethinking strategies, tactics and technologies is becoming critical to not only survive but thrive.

Traditional distribution models are being challenged as distributors look to improve profitability and find new ways to compete. Descartes is here to help.

From distribution network rebalancing to becoming more responsive to fluctuating demand, improving route productivity and execution and electronic proof-of-delivery that improves cash flow, we can transform your distribution operations.

Descartes End-to-End Solution Footprint for Food & Beverage Distribution

Strategic Route Modelling
Redefine the delivery network to address large changes in demand and evaluate new customer service policies to determine the best distribution strategies that minimize costs and maximize customer service.
Daily Delivery Planning
Maximize master route productivity or take advantage of dynamic delivery planning to be even more responsive and squeeze out costs. Automate route planning across the distribution network for more effective and efficient performance, and greater planner productivity.
Delivery Execution
Help ensure that drivers are able to execute their routes and address disruptions in the field as they occur. Alert delivery operations, customer service customers in real-time as disruptions impact delivery schedules and provide them with revised estimated-time-of-arrival.
Electronic Proof of Delivery
Purpose built for food and beverage distributors’ complex business rules, streamline receipt and reconciliation at delivery to minimize disputes, improve customer satisfaction and shorten the cash collection process.
Distribution Analytics
Gain a deep insight into distribution network, driver and customer performance to continually optimize the distribution network for improved productivity, greater revenue and enhanced customer experience.

Customer Success & Industry Resources

Strategic Route Planning
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Food Distribution Customer Success
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AI-Based Solutions for Food and Beverage
Use smart tech for your evolving business and customer needs

Gordon Food Service
Eliminated paper and paper-handling costs associated with final mile delivery
Mobile Proof of Delivery
Improve the performance & productivity of your mobile workforce
US Foods
Improved service with electronic proof of delivery
Infographic: Optimizing Food and Beverage Distribution
Leverage logistics technology for food and beverage distribution
Brenham Wholesale
Reduced transportation costs with route optimization solution
Performance Food Group
Manages an enterprise fleet with Descartes' Routing & Mobile solutions
Mobile Proof of Delivery
By digitizing delivery processes like mobile proof of delivery, you can improve service quality and increase productivity
Aceitera el Real
Increased route productivity and improved customer satisfaction
Merchants Food Service
Improved delivery scheduling & accuracy with mobile solution from Descartes
Stewart Food Service
Descartes’ Route Planning Solution Provides Stewart Foodservice with Real-time Visibility into their Delivery Operations
Improve Food &
Beverage Operations
Leverage real-time data
and business analytics

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