Hybrid Route Planning

Blog: 7 Ways Hybrid Route Planning Enhances Fleet Operations 
Running an efficient, profitable distribution operation is no small feat.
FAQ: What is Hybrid Route Planning & What Are its Benefits?
Hybrid route planning combines the best characteristics of static and dynamic route planning.

Combine Top Customers On Fixed Delivery Patterns with Dynamic Deliveries to Other Customers to Reduce Costs and Enhance Customer Service

Keep Your Best Customers Happy

Maintain fixed delivery patterns for your largest or most profitable customers.

Reduce Delivery Costs

Use dynamic optimization to optimally insert lower priority customer orders into routes.

Efficiently and Effectively Handle Off-Orders

Use dynamic optimization to insert off-orders into existing routes to be more reactive and reduce the costs associated with expedited deliveries.

Hybrid Route Planning Capabilities

— Eric Cohen, Vice President of Logistics at WAXIE

"We believe Descartes' leading routing and mobile solution can help us meet our customer service commitments; fund growth by reducing fuel, labor and vehicle costs; and empower our drivers and dispatchers with innovative route management tools.” 

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