Insight from Logistics Industry Experts to Maximize Results

As the global leader in logistics technology, we are pleased to offer industry insight and thought leadership in form of whitepapers, articles, commentaries and expert videos. The below videos were developed to provide a quick overview of the challenges facing logistics-oriented businesses, and how Descartes is helping companies rapidly derive value from cloud-based supply chain and logistics technology.

We encourage you to review each of the following six pieces including:

  1. Expert Video: Descartes Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems – Eric Bossdorf discusses the challenges that forwarders and customs brokers face in today’s marketplace, and how leading businesses are realizing gains through technology that can integrate accounting processes with operations, comply with changing regulations as well as connect with client and trading partner platforms.

  2. Expert Video: Descartes Global Trade Content - Preston Barton discusses how global logistics will continue to be influenced by the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Learn how best-in-class businesses can access tariff, duty, tax, trade agreement and regulatory information to reduce duty spend; minimize risk through effective Denied Party Screening (DPS) solutions; and leverage import and export market research to derive meaningful business intelligence.

  3. Expert Video: Descartes Routing Mobile & Telematics - Andrew Roszko reveals two key trends emerging in routing mobile & telematics. Looking toward the future, he also discusses how compliance has become more important with regulations, such as the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirement scheduled to come into force in December 2017. In addition, he covers how leading businesses are using delivery window options to differentiate their service offering and more.

  4. Expert Video: Descartes Global Logistics Network™ - Jos Nuijten discusses how companies are reducing supply chain complexity, automating and digitizing processes across multiple modes of transport, and better connecting to clients and trading partners with the Descartes GLN.

  5. Expert Video: Descartes Transportation Management – Mona McFadden reveals how Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have evolved over time—becoming more collaborative, supporting more modes of transport and adopting a cloud-based architecture. She discusses how implementation of transportation management strategies have changed and why it is critical to deliver initial functionality that can rapidly add value followed by a more robust deployment to add long-term benefits.

  6. Expert Video: Descartes Routing Mobile & Telematics – Al de la Vega adds further dimension to the routing, mobile and telematics discussion touching on the history of the industry and how more progressive companies in diverse industries are using modern, cloud-based routing solutions to automate route planning and execution, better manage driver behavior and maximize asset utilization.

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Written by Jos Nuijten

President, Network Integration Strategy