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Helping Air Carriers & GHAs Better Track Cargo & Assets

What Is Descartes Air Shipment Tracking & Monitoring Solution?

Descartes Air Shipment & Equipment Tracking & Monitoring solution uses Bluetooth® Low Energy powered tags placed on Unit Load Devices (ULDs) or pallets and a global network to provide air carriers and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) with real-time shipment visibility and the ability to better monitor and utilize equipment

Why Air Carriers & GHAs Are Using Descartes Air Shipment & Equipment Tracking & Monitoring?

Featuring Our Solar-Powered Readers

Our readers are solar-powered which ends the need to maintain and monitor battery life.  This means uninterrupted service for you and continuous insight into the location of shipments and equipment in an outside location. Descartes unique innovations are delivering truly elevated service for our customers worldwide with leading-edge and environmentally friendly technology.

Where Can Descartes Solution Be Deployed?

From ULD Management to Ground Service Equipment, Descartes Solution Can be Utilized Across a Broad Range of Use Cases

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Learn how Descartes Advanced IoT technology can be deployed across multiple air cargo use cases to drive up visibility and protect assets.

Rugged & Dependable Design, Longevity, & Easy Installation

The solution uses Bluetooth® BLE-enabled tags, such as pallet tags shown here, that are easily installed. The tags are durable, feature 5-years of battery life, and fully secure beneath the pallet track. The tags are expertly designed to fit most all pallets for continuous real-time shipment location and asset visibility. Tags are scanned with a mobile-based app and linked to a global monitoring network with readers strategically placed throughout a facility to provide worldwide reach and continuous insight.

Digitizing & Modernizing Air Cargo Tracking & Equipment Tracking

air cargo tracking and ULD tracking

With Descartes Air Shipment & Equipment Tracking & Monitoring in place, it is possible to not only know the location of assets and shipments as shown above, but the ambient conditions of a shipment including temperature, humidity, light, and excessive movement. From ULD tracking, to air cargo tracking, and more, it’s game changing and elevating how air carriers and GHAs track shipments and equipment.

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“The combination of our ULDs and the Descartes CORE ULD Tracking solution allows air carriers to track shipments and assets more effectively."
- Kenneth Poon, General Manager, InnoAviation


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