CALCUSO GmbH is the largest ecommerce distributor of educational and office supplies in Germany. Alexander Giersz and Kilian Kallee, CEOs and co-founders at CALCUSO GmbH, discuss how Descartes pixi WMS™ allows the company to handle high seasonal order volumes across Europe by automating warehouse management and fulfillment processes from order receipt to shipment processing and returns management. Descartes pixi WMS easily scales to support peak volume demands of up to 1,300 packages per day. Streamlining fulfillment, reducing processing time and eliminating shipping errors, CALCUSO controls its entire supply chain with minimal manual intervention while meeting tight 24-hour fulfillment windows.

The solution helps CALCUSO maintain exceptional customer service standards despite extreme peaks in demand and a complex ecommerce supply chain and also facilitates international expansion.

           -Alexander Giersz and Kilian Kallee, CEOs and co-founders at CALCUSO GmbH

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