As the asset-based 3PL broker division of Covenant Transport, Covenant Transport Solutions is committed to the dual goal of satisfying customer demands for greater supply chain visibility and growing the business from $89 million to $175 million in revenue in four years. Using the Descartes MacroPoint™ freight visibility solution, Covenant can now provide its customers with real-time data on the constant movement of freight, which enhances customer service, improves productivity and reduces costs. The solution is also part of the company’s longer-term strategy to upgrade key technologies to stay ahead of customer needs for access to the critical information they need to run their supply chains.

The Challenge: Balancing Customer Service with Revenue Growth

Covenant Transport Solutions lacked the in-house capability to provide its customers with shipment location and ETA information in a uniformed, scalable manner. Brokers and carrier reps were bogged down with manual load location and status tasks, such as calling drivers while they were on the road and were unable to prioritize revenue-generating activities to grow the business. Driven by an aggressive revenue target and rising customer expectations of real-time shipment status updates, Covenant sought an automated load tracking solution that would provide real-time freight visibility while eliminating inefficient and costly manual processes.

The Solution: Harnessing Data to Sharpen Supply Chain Visibility

In an effort to meet customers’ growing demands for more accurate shipment status data, Covenant implemented Descartes MacroPoint to obtain real-time visibility and predictive analytics for in-transit freight. The freight visibility platform enables the company to track and monitor location and delivery of freight in real-time, receive event notifications, manage exceptions, and keep customers up-to-date with automated ETAs and other shipment-related details.

"Descartes MacroPoint was a game-changer for us. In the volatile industry that we're in right now, and with the current market conditions, data is king. Descartes MacroPoint gives us the ability to provide real-time data to our customers and track our carriers in a timely manner. And it takes the manual processes out of our employees' day-to-day operations so we can focus on growing our business."

- George Yates, Director of Brokerage Operations, Covenant Transport Solutions

“The life of a load lasts quite a while; there’s pre-trip, check-in at the shipper, arrival at the consignee, not to mention in-transit ETAs that customers expect. So, there are a lot of check calls and touchpoints that we no longer have to manage because Descartes MacroPoint enables us to look at that data without having to call our drivers or carriers for status updates,” said George Yates, Covenant’s Director of Brokerage Operations.

Covenant improved service performance by providing faster and more accurate load tracking information to its customers. “We know exactly where our driver is and where the load is; we can keep customers informed,” said Covenant broker Heather Williams. “And we don’t have to distract the drivers with calls while they’re on the road, which enhances driver safety.”

By automating load tracking and providing a seamless experience for its customers and carriers, the company also increased brokerage and carrier productivity. “Because Descartes MacroPoint took a lot of manual time out of our carrier reps’ and brokers’ day, we can now focus on bringing more revenue to the company while eliminating the administrative costs associated with manual tracking and calling drivers,” added Yates.

The Results

Heightened Customer Service

With enhanced visibility into freight status, Covenant’s customers have access to critical data needed to manage their supply chains efficiently to minimize detention fees, increase on-time delivery performance, and proactively manage supply chain disruptions.

Increased Productivity

By simplifying workflow and eliminating manual driver check calls using Descartes MacroPoint’s automated load tracking and real-time freight visibility, Covenant enhanced brokerage and carrier productivity to better streamline operations.

Reduced Costs

With the ability to view location and updated ETA of every shipment simultaneously in real-time, Covenant eliminated the cost of manual tracking and calling drivers en route, freeing up time to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Optimized Carrier Performance

With Descartes MacroPoint, drivers are no longer besieged by countless check calls to ascertain location and ETA of every load. Drivers can focus on driving—increasing their productivity, improving their safety, and enhancing quality of life while they’re on the road.

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The ROI Behind Freight Visibility

Visibility is so much more than just knowing the location of your freight. It includes knowing in advance that the freight will be late and being able to offer predictive ETAs, plus analyzing the network to identify customers that may need help streamlining their supply chain. Visibility creates value for teams, business units, and operations throughout an organization – beyond the transportation department. Download the eBook to learn more about the value of visibility.


Descartes MacroPoint™

Descartes MacroPoint™ is a multimodal freight visibility platform for shippers, brokers and 3PLs to get real-time visibility and predictive analytics of their in-transit freight. Our industry leading visibility network is connected to over 100,000 carriers and millions of assets and drivers through integrations with on-board electronic logging devices (ELDs), GPS telematics devices, carrier transportation management systems (TMS), and GPS-enabled smartphone applications.


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