Offering for Duty Management, Tariffs, HS Classification, Free Trade Agreements (FTA) & More

Businesses need a centralized repository of duties, tariffs, binding rulings and more in multiple languages. They need to keep pace with changing Harmonized System (HS) updates from multiple countries. In addition, with some countries and territories potentially requiring storage of trade-related documentation for up to 10 years, companies need options to produce and store trade-related information. Importers, exporters, manufacturers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and customs brokers may also need to stream the data into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and/or Global Trade Management (GTM) solutions in order to power business. 

With a vast database of data relating to regulations, rulings, duties and more, Descartes CustomsInfo helps clients minimize trade barriers. The below details our inventory of offerings.  Please contact us to choose which options best meet your business requirements.

Our subscription packages include:

Descartes CustomsInfo Reference – Basic Subscription

U.S. Global Trade Content
European Union Content
  • EU Binding Tariff Information (EBTI)
  • EU Harmonized Tariff Schedule (English, German and French)
  • EUCN Explanatory Notes
  • EU Export Codes - Intra-Community Trade Statistics System (INTRASTAT)
  • Consolidated Implementing provisions (CCIP)
  • EU ADD/CVD (New!)
  • EU Archived HTS
  • EU Archived Export Codes
Norway Content
  • Norway Harmonized Schedule
  • Norway Archived HS
Switzerland Content
  • Swiss Harmonized Tariff Schedule (English, French and German)
  • Swiss Export Codes with OGA

  • Swiss Classification Decisions

  • Swiss Archived HTS
  • Swiss Archived Export Codes
International Content
  • World Customs Organization (WCO) Opinions Compendium
  • WCO Explanatory Notes (2017 Correlation Tables)
  • WCO Explanatory Notes Archives
Trade Agreement Content
  • Trade Agreement text and annexes for North America, European Union, Asia Pacific, Latin America, South American and Africa

Research Tools

  • Denied Party Screening (DPS)
  • U.S. PGA Codes and Lookup Tool
  • HS Correlation Tables for WCO Change year
  • ADD/CVD Codes and Lookup Tool
  • Trade research guides and information