Supply Chain Visibility Software for Order Management, Shipment Visibility, Performance Management and Inbound Supply Chain Management

Descartes Visibility and Event Management™ software helps improve logistics and supply chain performance management by enabling companies to collaborate internally and externally and foresee order failures before they happen. Descartes Visibility & Event Management leverages the power of the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), which enables companies to connect to their trading partners and seamlessly and reliably exchange information to drive delivery performance, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and better manage logistics processes.

Descartes Visibility & Event Management software helps customers improve reliability in the delivery of inbound goods with line-item level visibility across multiple modes of transportation and trading partners with benefits and features including:


  • Decreasing order failures by predicting them before they happen
  • Reducing unnecessary reorders, which potentially result in inventory write-offs
  • Improving event management with suppliers to reduce uncertainty and the need for safety stock
  • Providing a role-based, customized view of data for buyers in the purchasing department, expediters in the logistics department, customer service reps, and materials managers in manufacturing

Features of Descartes Supply Chain Visibility & Analysis Software


Users can arrange for alerts based on missed shipment milestones or quantity deviations such as pieces, weight, or value. Reports discrepancies in outside user-defined tolerance levels to applicable parties for resolution. Provides the ability to compare planned events to actual events.

Supply Chain Analytics

Offers highly customizable data extraction for making queries and developing performance reports. Allows score-carding of carriers and suppliers based on lead-time, fill rate, or on-time rates. Interactive searches can be conducted on events, order attributes, a single item, or against multiple parameters.

Hierarchical Reporting

Groups data together by product, location, or buyers to more easily create reports. Uses stock-keeping unit (SKU) numbers to create hierarchies for related products.


Continuously gauges material movement against shipment milestones. At-risk or critical orders can be tightly monitored. Enables trend analysis of performance versus prior periods or service level commitments.


Tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) for various user orientations, such as buyer, seller, carrier, or forwarder. Allows historical analysis of partner and supply chain metrics. Activity and exception reports include Purchase Order Activity and Delivery and Quantity Discrepancies.

Track Buyer and Supplier Comments

Enables written logs of arrangements made between buyers and suppliers outside the parameters of the system (e.g., a note attached to an item indicating expediting arrangements discussed over the telephone).

Knowledge Articles

Mobile Data is Big Data

This past week, I had a chance to spend a few hours with the folks at a large global food manufacturer discussing the evolution of their mobile strategy. The company has been using GPS-enabled mobile technology with its thousands of sales and merchandising resources for over five years. What started as a strategy to track its field resources to automate the payroll process, has turned into a large-scale program to improve productivity and performance. 

Supply Chain Visibility Solutions Fuse Warehouse and Transportation Management

It is inefficient for a DC to prepare an order only to have it sit on a loading dock because it had no visibility into the truck’s arrival. As a result, transportation planners need to have real-time visibility into the warehouse design to optimize a warehouse’s productivity.

Descartes Networked Transportation Management Solution - Business White Paper

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 2.0 delivery model, which includes the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), making the solution ready to implement on day one and already providing electronic communications to many of the carriers you use today. Descartes’ “pay as you use” approach is highly cost effective for small to large enterprises and reduces costly license fees.