As Brexit’s 31st October deadline is fast approaching, we can be certain that a lot of organisations will be affected, particularly the businesses that rely on importing and exporting across borders. The volume of customs declarations will increase, and therefore being prepared to deal with disruption to daily activities is key to ensuring that business operations run smoothly.

Leading manufacturer of glass and glazing products, NSG Group, which includes brands such as Pilkington, operates in three specialist sectors; architectural, automotive and technical. It regularly transports materials back and forth between the UK and the rest of Europe. With some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers relying on its glass solutions, and with 1 in 5 cars globally containing NSG Group glass, finding a way to take control of any implications that Brexit poses was critical.

Iain Smith, Finance Director – Global Finance at NSG Group comments: “With Brexit on the horizon, we know our volume of customs declarations is going to be much greater, so therefore we need to be able to manage the demand and ensure compliance with customs regulations, without any disruption to our day-to-day business. This is absolutely crucial to keep our customers satisfied. Descartes e-customs solution has given us the tools that we need to take control of the supply chain, despite the challenges with Brexit. We can now be assured that irrespective of any potentially disruptive economic changes, our businesses will still be able to deliver to our customers with the same high level of efficiency.

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