Looking for a way to effectively manage Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS/HTS) classifications and trade related data? Our solutions provide world-class business intelligence by monitoring and consolidating duty, tax, tariff changes, and more into the largest global trade database available. We enable business to make better decisions, reduce the need to track complex trade policy changes, and minimize duty spend.


  • Rapidly Find Information - Navigate data by manually searching in parallel to workflow or by mining data via an intuitive keyword search
  • Tap into the World’s Largest Trade Repository - Leverage a comprehensive data warehouse, thoroughly cross-referenced by hyperlink and searchable by keyword
  • Maximize Workflow - Jump between the various information sources in one window to help maintain context and focus
  • Rely on the Latest Data - Content updated within 48-hours of publication
  • Grow with the Solution - Add-on services and modules as your business expands 


  • Reduce Costs – Classify goods up to 50% faster than with manual processes
  • Improve Efficiency – With information consolidated, it’s easy to boost productivity
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder – Prompts and cross-referenced information streamlines processes
  • Enhance Compliance – Demonstrate reasonable care with a vast database of data relating to regulations, rulings, duties and more
  • Minimize errors - Reduce inaccuracies and delays, as well as possible penalties