Since the end of the Brexit transition period on 1st January 2021, there has been much disruption across supply chains for businesses that were not correctly prepared. And it's evident that despite many organisations witnessing logistical failures – including some 3PL organisations halting deliveries to the EU or Northern Ireland due to increased documentation requirements – many firms are still not set up to continue business efficiently post-Brexit. But now is the time to take action to avoid future inefficiencies.

One exemplary organisation taking initiative to ensure smooth supply chain continuity is WD Meats. Operating out of Northern Ireland, beef manufacturer, WD Meats has been delivering the highest quality meat products since 1979, but with the majority of its product trading through the UK, it became critical to instruct the expertise of Descartes to support with the Brexit-imposed customs complexities.

Lisa Ross, Financial Controller, WD Meats, explains: “There was so much uncertainty leading up to Brexit, and there definitely remain some ongoing Brexit challenges. One thing for certain though, is that we must continue to invest in solutions to ensure long-term business efficiencies. With the majority of our business activities being conducted between the UK and NI, Descartes’ e-Customs solution will play a pivotal role in supporting us with the increased requirement of customs declarations and the complexities that come with them. The solution will also support us with the product exports that we arrange into the EU which go through the UK. We’re currently in the process of setting up our authorised consignor/consignee status, so we’ll be able to start and finish the transit process here in NI.”

Pol Sweeney, VP Sales and Business Manager UK for Descartes adds: “We’re delighted to be appointed to help WD Meats navigate through the supply chain customs complexities that Brexit has presented. We look forward to working collaboratively with the team at WD Meats and supporting them with our expert training and e-Customs solution to ensure smooth business continuity throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond.”

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