Logistics is different. If logistics is your business or a critical element to its success, you know this. You have to manage inventory, resources and documents that are all concurrently in motion with business processes that extend to the edge of your enterprise and well into your trading partners’ operations. Working with trading partners can be a challenge because they are numerous and your relationships with them are constantly changing. Traditional enterprise and niche applications have not adequately enabled your logistics business.

However, Descartes’ Logistics Technology Platform was designed for your logistics operations. Delivered through the fusion of the Global Logistics Network – the world’s most extensive global multimodal network and the industry’s broadest array of modular interoperable web and wireless logistics management solutions - it is the technology platform that Descartes’ customers and their trading partners use to extend command of their logistics operations. Combined with the world’s largest community of carriers in multiple modes, logistics intermediaries, government regulatory agencies, manufacturers, retailers and distributors, the Logistics Technology Platform enables customers to quickly and cost effectively connect and conduct logistics business.