Inventory Solutions for ETSF, Ports and Airports

Temporary Storage is a customs procedure where goods can be held at an approved frontier site - a Port, an Airport or Inland ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility) - for up to 90 days before requiring customs clearance.

For those operating a Temporary Storage model, where goods will be held for clearance for longer than six days, approval must be granted by the National Frontiers Approvals Unit (NFAU), and for all new, or updated storage proposals, in either CHIEF or CDS, approvals for Temporary Storage will require the use of an approved Inventory System to record, control and report on the movements of goods through that site.

Descartes Pentant CSP Inventory System

The Descartes Pentant CSP Inventory System is a fully-featured, HMRC and Border Force approved, Inventory control system, with modules for Air, Marine, and truck movements into an ETSF to suit your needs.

The Pentant CSP features include Anti-Smuggling Net functionality, as required of Temporary Storage sites for compliance and visibility by HMRC and Border Force for import controls while being fully accessible via the web as SaaS (Software as a Service) with no need to install any software on your local computers for the operation of the Inventory system itself. It is also compatible with most customs software suppliers, including as standard connectivity to both CHIEF and CDS* systems for your, or your agent’s or customer’s, customs declarations.

The Pentant Inventory system can be fully integrated into the Descartes e-Customs software solution to create inventory records and linked customs declarations by message, with no extra manual keying for the ETSF module.

*CDS connectivity is reliant on the capability of your software provider (if not using the Descartes software solutions) to connect to the Descartes Pentant CDS solution. Please check with your provider and ask them to contact us if they have not done so already.

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