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Brief overviews showing how easy it can be to submit a declaration, complete and EIDR, NCTS or an ICS
Software solutions for filing customs declarations or operating ETSF warehouses
How to Submit Customs Declarations
An overview of the processes involved in filing customs declarations
Beyond Brexit Descartes Webinar with Logistics Manager Magazine
Beyond Brexit - The realities of trading with the EU and moving goods between GB and Northern Ireland.
22nd April 2021, 10.30am - Logistics Manager
Pol Sweeney, VP Sales & Business Manager for UK & Ireland at Descartes will be discussing the findings reported in Descartes’ recent research on the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on supply chains post the Brexit Transition Period. Discover the key to avoiding expensive disruption.
Brexit webinar with Logistics Manager and Descartes - Countdown to Brexit
The Countdown to Brexit – What you need to know, and what you need to do
9th December, 10.30am - Logistics Manager
The webinar will look at the current situation, who is affected and what the implications are for trade with the EU and moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and what needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition on 1 January 2021.
Brexit: The Tactics - Quick Wins, Tricks of the Trade & Mitigation
5th November - Multimodal Connect
In this session we will explore how to be prepared for Brexit, what the most significant challenges will be and what steps companies can take to mitigate any risks and manage trade with the EU post the Brexit transition period.

Business Leader Brexit Webinar with Descartes
Is Your Business Ready for Brexit? And How to Prepare for 1st January 2021
27th October 2020 - Business Leader Magazine
The 1st January 2021 is only a few months away, so it’s essential to know if your business is ready. We’ll be speaking to experts from Descartes to find out how you should prepare your business for the post-Brexit landscape.

Brexit - The final Preparations
September 2020 - Descartes
This webinar covers the most recent and important updates (to September 2020) and what these changes mean for the way companies in the Netherlands and Belgium manage their import, export and customs processes.
Brexit - The final preparations
23rd September 2020 - Descartes Systems
In this Descartes hosted webinar, Martin Meacock, Director, Product Management, Customs Regulations, covers how to prepare for Brexit.
Martin is joined by a member of Customs Regulations sales team from Belgium to answer questions at the end.

Overcoming the Supply Chain Challenges and Successfully Managing Post Brexit Transition Trade
16th September 2020 - Multimodal Connect
In this session we explored how ready UK businesses are for Brexit, what are the most significant challenges to efficient and cost effective supply chain operations and what steps are being taken by companies to mitigate any risks and manage trade with the EU post the Brexit transition period.

Descartes is here for all of your Brexit needs.