Lets start with understanding Customs Warehousing

What is a Customs Warehouse? How does a Customs Warehouse operate? And can it really help improve cash flow, reduce supply chain lead times, improve stock management, and give complete product traceability throughout the supply chain? 

Quite simply: a Customs Warehouse is a site used for the storage and processing of goods being imported into a new market. While goods are in a Customs Warehouse, customs duties and import VAT are suspended, making a Customs Warehouse more like duty free zones.  

At Descartes we believe streamlining your import and export trade management is the best way to improve productivity and increase financial stability thereby increasing your bottom line. If you’re importing goods into the UK using a Customs Warehouse, this can help both defer the payment of duty and VAT on imports and negate the need to pay duty twice on items that you ultimately intend to export again. Duties will become payable when products are delivered onto their next destination.  

Can using a Customs Warehouse help with supply chain lead times?  

Utilising a Customs Warehouse often means supply chain lead times and stock management are improved, offering companies greater flexibility for stock availability and more efficient delivery times. As with all things there are advantages and disadvantages to using a Customs Warehouse, the cost for storing products in a customs warehouse will add up over time. And if products being stored need special care and controls such as those which are fragile or contain hazardous substances, they could also be liable for higher storing costs.  

How can Customs Warehouse Management (CWM) help our import and export operations? 

An integrated Customs Warehouse Management (CWM) solution can play an integral role in simplifying procedures, while taking advantage of the maximum available benefits. The more automated and integrated the procedures, the greater the likelihood that those goods can be processed and transported effectively and efficiently. 

The Descartes Customs Warehouse Management™ solution helps users comply with the rigorous requirements of the customs warehouse procedure. The right solution can also offer a secure and time-efficient way to manage imported goods regardless of the type of customs warehouse in use.  

Descartes Customs Warehouse Management is an on-demand solution specifically designed to allow users to manage goods stored under the customs warehouse procedure, by keeping information on imported goods and accounts, tracking all movement and activity, and enabling accurate and timely electronic declaration processing. 

Fulfilling your compliance obligations to HMRC

e-Customs from Descartes has a module to manage both customs and free circulation stock, allowing traders, forwarders, warehouse operators and customs brokers to efficiently manage their customs warehouse and fulfil their compliance and reporting obligations with Customs.  

Importing and exporting is expensive business, supply chain lead times are a growing, cash flow is more important than ever and staying ahead of compliance and reporting to Customs is becoming even more complicated. Descartes Customs and Regulatory Compliance software solutions can help ease your importing and exporting journey. 

With Descartes customs software solutions you can: 

  • Create stock independently or from an import declaration. 
  • Use smart picking to ensure the most duty efficient stock is picked.
  • Handle stock amendments and adjustments. 
  • Integrate with ERP/Commercial Systems or manual.
  • Create import declarations or appropriate periodic reports based on outbound orders/removals.

In the UK we also offer a standard Excise Warehousing solution to:

  • Create stock independently or from an Import or EMCS movement. 
  • Link from EMCS receipt to existing stock or create stock. 
  • Create and submit W1, W5 returns and submit via ATWD. 
  • Integrate with ERP/Commercial Systems or manual. 
  • Customs Warehousing functionality is available in multiple countries. 

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