Descartes Fleet Management

Route Planning, Execution, Safety & Customer Experience

Discover comprehensive solutions designed to enhance fleet productivity, optimize performance management, ensure safety, and elevate the customer experience.

Descartes' routing, mobile, and telematics solutions transform delivery operations 

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Maximize Your Fleet’s Potential with Leading Solutions

Route Planning, Optimization & Dispatch solutions

Route Planning, Optimization & Dispatch

Our dispatch and strategic solutions enhance delivery performance.

Delivery Appointment Scheduling solutions

Delivery Appointment Scheduling

Offer more delivery slots and more service options, without compromising your profitability. 

Fleet Mobile Application solutions

Fleet Mobile Applications

Maximize driver productivity with mobile apps for efficient delivery data capture, compliance, and safety.

delivery customer engagement solutions

Customer Engagement

Enhance the last-mile customer experience and drive operational efficiencies with real-time customer engagement technology. 

Safety, Compliance and Telematics

Establish a strong safety culture, maximize driver and vehicle performance, and keep compliant. 

Route Execution & Analytics

Manage delivery operations efficiently and track performance in real-time with advanced monitoring tools. 

Improve Service Levels While Reducing Fuel & Labor Costs

Descartes delivers the industry’s most comprehensive integrated route planning, route execution, mobile, safety and compliance, customer engagement, and performance monitoring solutions.

Increase route optimization efficiency
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Optimize Your Fleet Operations 

  • Deliver more in fewer miles
  • Save fuel and cut costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Implement real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Provide costed delivery and service options in seconds

Proven Results

Schedule an appointment with one of our experts to explore the potential impact on your business:

Reduction in planning time

Increase in OTIF deliveries

Increase in delivery capacity

Halfords Mobile Expert Offers Customer Service with Dynamic Appointment Self-Scheduling

Learn how Descartes' delivery scheduling enhanced customer satisfaction, boosted route density, and minimized dispatching at Halfords Mobile Expert.

This solution optimized delivery operations, improving efficiency and service quality.


Fleet Resource Center

Discover Tutorials, Success Stories, Thought Leadership, and More to
Deepen Your Routing, Mobile, and Telematics Expertise.

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What are the key benefits of Descartes’ route planning solutions?

Descartes’ route planning solutions boost fleet productivity, customer satisfaction, and asset utilization while reducing fuel and labor costs. With over 25 years of innovation and expert support, our comprehensive platform is designed with the unique needs of distributors, retailers, and logistics companies in mind.  

How does Descartes’ route execution solution improve fleet performance?

It improves fleet performance with real-time tracking, performance monitoring, and intelligent dispatching, enabling efficient delivery operations and effectively meeting customer demands.  

What features do Descartes’ mobile apps offer for fleet management?

The mobile apps maximize driver productivity, capture delivery data, ensure compliance, and enhance overall fleet safety. 

How does Descartes ensure safety and compliance in fleet operations?

Descartes offers safety, compliance, and telematics solutions that establish a strong safety culture, maximize driver and vehicle performance, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

What is the impact of Descartes’ customer engagement solutions on delivery operations?

The solutions improve the last-mile customer experience, enhance operational efficiency, and offer dynamic appointment scheduling to meet customer expectations effectively. 

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