Route Planning, Execution, Safety & Customer Experience

Mitchell Companies
Customer Success: Mitchell Distributing

This beverage distributor and Anheuser Busch wholesaler elevated its business performance with Descartes’ strategic and daily route planning and route execution platform.

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Maximize Your Fleet’s Potential with Industry-Leading Solutions and AI

Take fleet productivity, service, and safety to another level with the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced solutions for planning and executing routes, managing driver safety and performance and customer engagement.

Route Planning, Optimization & Dispatch
Strategic and operational solutions combined with intelligent dispatch transform delivery performance and help meet customer demand.
Delivery Appointment Scheduling
Offer a differentiated customer experience and minimize delivery costs.
Route Execution & Fleet Performance Management
Manage delivery operations and track performance in real-time.
Fleet Mobile Apps
Maximize driver productivity, capture delivery data, and help ensure compliance and safety.
Safety, Compliance and Telematics
Establish a strong safety culture, maximize driver and vehicle performance, and keep compliant.
Customer Engagement
Improve the last mile customer experience and drive operational efficiencies with real-time customer engagement technology.

Improve Service Levels While Reducing Fuel & Labor Costs

Route planning, execution, mobile and performance monitoring solutions.

Descartes delivers the industry’s most comprehensive integrated route planning, route execution, mobile, safety and compliance, customer engagement, and performance monitoring solutions.

Proven Results

Increase in
Fuel Efficiency

Increase in
Asset Utilization

"Partnering with Descartes is a critical part of how we are optimizing our last mile delivery routes to drive efficiency and reduce transportation costs"
- Hemant Porwal, Vice President Global Supply Chain and Operations at WESCO International
"Capabilities such as mobile proof-of-delivery and digital photos have allowed us to be more efficient, minimize order discrepancies and satisfy customers at the point of delivery"
- Andrew Mercier, President and CEO at Merchants Foodservice
"Using Descartes Route Planner, PlaceMakers increased delivery satisfaction by 40-50%, reduced inbound calls by 16%, increased load utilization by 13%, and reduced loading times by 14%"
–Wayne Armstrong, Head of Digital Channels, PlaceMakers

Halfords Mobile Expert Offers Customer Service with Dynamic Appointment Self-Scheduling

Learn how the Descartes’ delivery appointment scheduling has improved customer satisfaction, increased route density, and reduced dispatching resources at Halfords Mobile Expert.

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